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Anyone had a block sleeved?


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Hi shiters


I've hit a problem with my 2.0 pez turbo XM after reassembly of the engine with a good skimmed head. Rough idle and EML on led me to do a compression check and the results were depressing; 3 cylinders in the high 90s psi but one at 62 psi. So cylinder one is looking borked but normal oversize pistons are not available, just Germanic forged racing jobs at £500 plus. So I'm thinking about having the cylinders bored and sleeved back to standard. Anybody had any experience of this both cost wise and durability wise?

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My 944S dropped a piston ring, scoring the bore.

The other three were still within tolerance even at nearly 300,000 miles so rather than re-bore the whole block, just the one was bored & sleeved.

From memory it was about £130 or £170 - a mere fraction of the cost of all the work that was done.


The engine is running like it's brand new but it's probably only done about 7/8,000 since the work so I can't comment on longevity yet.

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Thorough check of all the top end components before you condemn the bottom end.


I remember a guy on youtube showing how easy it was to get the liners out of a RV8 - heat up in oven then push out.

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Thorough check of all the top end components before you condemn the bottom end.


Hi shiters


I've hit a problem with my 2.0 pez turbo XM after reassembly of the engine with a good skimmed head.


I'm fairly confident that the OP has checked the top end as being good...

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Try these guys, if they don't have your piston(& rings) they will make it for you.




Prices are very reasonable, i paid 300€ for a set of 4 sleeves, pistons and rings for my 504 GL not so long ago.




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I thought the rule of thumb ok figure for a compression test on a petrol engine was 100psi or better and most modernish engines seem to give 125psi or thereabouts. I suppose 'high 90s' is almost there, but would hesitate to spend too much fixing the low reading bore if the others were well past their best.   

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No, No NO! Clearly the answer is to use the magic gloop that Quentin Wilson endorses in the back of the clasic car mages that makes your 500k engine just like new because it contains PARTICLES and as everyone knows that adding magic particles will restore compression to better than new.

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They're still (well the dished ones) on the Mahle catalogue. RGX or RGY?


circa 60 quid a pot.

I've checked the Mahle catalogue and they are indeed listed. Question is are they available? XU10J2TE was a popular turbo conversion for the 205 gti crowd and all their forums suggest pistons are unavailable. I will follow this up.

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