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Funny, I was watching some stuff on Stalwarts the other day...9t tare, and fairly tall? I'd be looking for a more recent beaver tail, the sort of thing HSS Hire use: 6x2, generally plated for 22t, and much lower riding at the back, to keep bridge bashing to a minimum. Stick the Stally on backwards, and I'm guessing you'd be around the 12' mark on the road. If you're really lucky, some of those beaver tails have passive rear steer, which will help. I'm assuming you'd be taking it mostly to shows and mud pits.

Should be able to find something around £10k, and they're generally simpler, low spec motors...less to worry about.

I mean, what you really need is an Antar with its' matching drag, or a V8 Scanny with show paint and open pipes, a BFO Yank thing... But on ten grand and a Class 2 ticket, they're a wee bit* OTT.

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A few more from the YORK Trailers collection. If you know more / recognise where they are taken, or realise I'm talking bollocks, speak up please.


Enough said.


Volvo F88


Volvo F86 (but the sign on the right is for @LightBulbFun)


Scania 111 and FORD tractors.


MAN (280?)


and another FORD tractor, but a D Type (D 1000 I think).







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I've been talking to the owner of that Seddon Atkinson and it's even more interesting than I thought. It was built in-house using the back end of a written-off 1971 Seddon, the front of a 1979 Seddon Atkinson 400 and bespoke recovery gear, and later fitted with the last new 311 cab made by Motor Panels. It's had a few different engines but is currently running a Rolls-Royce 220 uprated to 290bhp. A proper old-school bitsa!

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6 hours ago, dean36014 said:

About time, that can has been around since it was badged as a 95 in the nineties. Hopefully the CF will get reworked too as that cab dates back to the nineties too.

The original DAF 95 first appeared in 1987 and became truck of the year in 1988, the new DAF’s look a bit Scania like both outside and inside...

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The Man I drive is the one in the picture. I've drove the new version and other than the smaller steering wheel I'd honestly rather keep my existing one. Lease runs out in the new year so will probably end up with the newer model then. I share her with a regular day shift driver so we keep her spick and span. The damage to the wheel arch was when I Hermes driver backed a trailer into it whilst I was coupling up. Was amazed how little damage it did, a few small dents in the door and the wheel arch damage.IMG_20210623_163347072_HDR.thumb.jpg.5c5788dafe04eb63858e1eaa0f860f82.jpg

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An Alpine liveried TK could tickle my hobby truck itch. Possibly. Although as I recall, their TKs were the basest of spec and seemed absolutely miserable to drive.

Competitor in Paisley was Krystal Kleer of Lochwinnoch, and I'm not sure what they used, but being a smaller company, probably whatever was the right price and not hanging to bits...

Can't recall if I've posted the pic of a Bon Accord Transcontinental that I took near Aberdeen in the mid 80s, but if/when I find it, I will anyway! 

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Even more pop deliveries -




When we used to go on holiday to Scarborough Corona used to be the local lemonade. The pleasure steamer at Scarborough was also called The Corona but this was a coincidence, not a sponsorship deal. And it has nothing to do with Central American beers or plagues.

Anyone fancy drinking a She? No, not me either...







Looks like a spy-shot, not surprising as you had to be a secret drinker to drink it.

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More York Trailers pics, as usual, speak up if I'm talking bollocks etc.

Guy Big J 4


"A Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders, etc"; was a popular and catchy advert from the 70's. ERF A series doing the delivery.


another view of that F89,


Struggling here, FIAT 682 ?? (damaged original negative), nice cars.


Saviems, SM240s possibly.


Scania Vabis 76







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On 05/07/2021 at 15:48, busmansholiday said:

Scania Vabis 76







This Scania has Norwegian numberplates so I did some research. It was registered in Norway on 24 November 1967. The numberplates on it are of the new type that came in April 1971 and the VD sign series belonged to the city of Trondheim. It was registered on the last owner in September 1979 and taken off the road for good in August 1988.

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