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Great number plates - got any?


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2 Vehicles I saw today with natty plates in and around Edinburgh. No photos as I was driving and the cars in question were going at a fair rate of knots. 

NA55TTY - RR Velar. Unable to see into the vehicle to validate the plate matched the owner as all the glass was  heavily tinted

DEE 51L - Red VW GTD.  

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12 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

A lad near to us has LB51 KEY on his scene Golf. His name's Luke Bilkey. I read it as LB SIKEY initially and I can't unsee it now. Terrible plate, regardless.

I'm a complete split personality when it comes to plates. I agree that's rubbish (as are many other plates in this thread) yet if my name were Luke Bilkey that would probably appeal to me. I actually own several private plates (only three of them are on vehicles) but sometimes think I must be thick in the head!

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