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Great number plates - got any?


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1 hour ago, DVee8 said:


parks in the same place regularly that one, several pubs in the area - some of them are decent, some not so much :) 

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No pic, but I was passed by a Rolls limo with '1 ORD' on it yesterday, and what looked very much like a close protection Rangey shadowing it. Either somebody's going to great lengths (and expense) to pretend they're nobility, or they really are and they don't do low key. 

I'm also on the hunt for 'YE51 SLK' on a Merc SLK which lives locally. Seen it a few times, just never got the pic. Yet.

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When I worked at Heathrow Airport I well remember a British Airways staff 'bus having the number FLY 747 T. I ought to have taken a picture, but, understandably, the Airport authorities were somewhat "sensitive" about photography......  

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On 9/26/2022 at 8:11 PM, Three Speed said:

No photos unfortunately…

FU2 on a newish black Roller of some description.

And J444AAG  

of course it was on a

Mitsubishi Outlander.

I think FU2 used to be owned by Fiona Fullerton.

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I saw this BMW from afar, thinking it had a plate of K8 UNT. I thought it might have described the driver accurately, however this was hard to judge as they were stationary at the time.
However, it does appear the plate on the car might have been a more sedate K8 UMT instead.

Seen in deepest darkest West Lothian.

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