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Great number plates - got any?


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2 hours ago, davocano said:

Not great but sequential.


I do find myself wondering what a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited CRD would be like to drive and own.

My late friend owned one. She used it for towing a single horse trailer, and reported it was quite thirsty. It was sold on in 2018, but she retained the numberplate. 

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I don't like numbers pretending to be letters, but I will make an exception for a large truck I was following a couple of days ago - GO08 EGG, (I wonder what it was carrying and what condition they were in :) ), especially as it slowed down and pulled to the side on a long straight so that everything behind could pass :)

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The only genuinely hilarious plate I've ever seen was about five or six years ago on a greenish blue Merc B class. 


Hahaha, fucking funny... 'late mum', I get it. That's why you're driving like an erratic chode. 

Then I overtook them, looked in the rear view mirror and nearly pissed myself laughing. 

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