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Towbar for Renault Megane 1 soft top?


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I have been looking for a towbar for my new toy as I can't get pallets in this one (its too nice) and according to the interweb there is not one, How much is likely to be different on the underside rear of the saloon/hatch/coupe/converible?

I had the silly idea of getting a small trailer to cart wood for my stove.

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It's very likely the manufacturer never intended it for towing.

Since 1998, which may or may not include yours, cars are Homologated or some such word, for towbars, or not as the manufacturer sees fit.

If not on the list no reputable company will fit one. You can tell on the VIN plate as well but I'd have to look up how.

If you find an un-reputable company, it's very likely your insurance will be invalid.

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