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Clio, spend them pennies.

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Was having a bit of a tidy up and came across a couple of invoices I had hid from Mrs T so put them away in the cars folder.


This car had a fortune spent on it before I got it. I have had it since 27/08/16 which is actually the longest I have ever kept anything.

I though why not have a quick tally up of what I have spent.

Bad idea.


That’s not including the purchase price.


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Still only 2 years of payments on something German leased [/man_maths]

There was one that came up the other week for £4250. Unfortunately couldn't get to it because lockdown. Definitely want a 182 and ideally Trophy next. Especially now I have an extra storage bay. 

Hoping a decent one comes up this year. It will be a car that I intend to keep a long time, so quite picky. Low owner count (sub 5) and ideally low-ish mileage (sub 60k) are something that I'd like. Unless I see a broken bargain ... I can't resist those. 

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Got this out of hibernation as booked a trackday this Sat just gone.


As always the French fancy performed like a dream.


Blasted about all day and the only real thing to note was the power steering boiling over.




Only happened towards the end of the day when I seem to get a bit cocky and end up staying out for a few two many laps.


I have changed the fluid a few times with a syringe, which I know doesn’t get it all out but it’s nice and red not black.


It’s apparently a common thing on tracked Clio’s, think I might buy a cheap cooler and just plumb it in the return line and should be job jobbed.


Got a cheap £4.99 ebay phone holder for push bikes which is meant for handle bars tried to get it on the roll cage but the cage is too thick so was bodged with cable ties.





It’s a bit shaky as also on a old iphone. Had a good little blat with a turbo mx5 and a clio cup car.



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5 hours ago, Danterzza said:

I have changed the fluid a few times with a syringe, which I know doesn’t get it all out but it’s nice and red not black.

I was debating whether to change my fluid as it's blacker than a Sharpie. Like you said, boiling over PAS fluid on trackdays is a common thing. 

Going on how much these cars seem to suffer on trackdays, I'm surprised they're so popular for them!

Boiling over PAS, engine timing slipping from hard sudden cornering, vague gear linkage making them easy to put in the wrong gear and exploding boxes, Valeo clutches exploding, gearboxes that don't like to be rushed or their syncros fail, etc, etc. 

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So went to move this the other day and the pas pump was wining it’s head off. Drove out the garage and was a big pool of fluid on the floor.

Got pissed off and reversed it back in.

But seeing as I am working from home a bit more lately, though I would take a look and degreased everywhere, started it up and was flowing slowly out this pas switch. So ordered a new one and will swap it in and hopefully that cures that.

Some cheap knock offs jobs on eBay but a Renault was only 30 odd quid so ordered one of them.


Ordered this here as well, as I can bang that on and hopefully that might help the fluid boiling over when on track.


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