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35th time lucky: Pal comes home


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  • barrett changed the title to 35th time lucky: Pal comes home

As of this morning, the Palladium is now tucked up in its new home with the Riley. Haven't taken any photos as the headlamps need to be assembled and it looks a bit rubbish, but otherwise all the bodywork is done and it performed okay over the 60-odd mile journey back


Otherwise, nothing really to report except this satisfying milestone in the BMW the other day


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17 minutes ago, High Jetter said:

On a Saturday night, in London?

Bet you're chuffed to have it back after all the work. Nice looking workshop / storage place, very tidy. Is the light blue car a Corvair?

Brooklands, VSCC's Halloween Driving Tests if anyone wants to see it in the flesh!

Yass, it's a 1960 Corvair 500. 25k from new, never painted etc. A lovely car. Here I am explaining the fan belt arrangement to some Frenchmen



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Goodness, I remember the days when you didn't have an interesting job and hadn't passed your driving test - maybe 10 or so years ago? And look at your fleet now! Absolute shite hedonism. The boy done good. 

I could carry on with the gushing admiration but that's not very becoming of me. Instead, have a shoddy image of my own kilometerstone in the Jondeo, a couple of months back:


Good job I'm in the film industry, so I could rig a hands free mount, to document the momentous event (your honour).

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11 hours ago, Three Speed said:

We had a neighbour with a Corvair. He was paranoid about fan belt breakage which is, in his experience, followed very quickly by engine seizure. 

I've driven for a while with no belt. It gets very hot very quickly and I imagine it would eventually seize entirely, but you get plenty of warning when a belt goes. And in our one, it goes regularly for reasons too boring to get into here.

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