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28th time lucky: another one out!

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I've done 300 miles in this heap already and I'm pretty pleased with it. The brakes feel a bit graunchy but otherwise it seems to drive spot-on. Everything works including electric mirrors and sun roof (I took a risk as it was such a nice day today) but the rev counter only works sporadically. Also it occasionally pings up this warning light, which I have never seen in any of my four previous Xants. Anyone know? Looks like a sphere or an lhm reservoir, perhaps?


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Obviously haven't changed the filter yet, but I've done a couple of thousand miles in this already (even working from home I seem to drive quite a bit. It's a 120 mile round trip to see my missus) and I still really like it. It sprung a little lhm weep but I'm not too concerned yet. When (if) I ever have some money I'll chuck it in for a proper service, but it does canny eat up the miles and I get an extra 200 miles per tank over the estate...

...speaking of which, it was sold and collected today by somebody on this forum who drove it back to Bristol - or at least he tried, I've no idea if he made it or not but he arrived with lots of bottles of water to keep the rad topped up. Anyway, that's the first successful car sale I've had in ages so I'm fairly pleased and hopefully it  will live on to waft another day.

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Just by pure chance I found this brilliant photo of a London traffic jam in 1926...


But hold on, what's that?


It's the 1924 Small Car Trials Palladium Speed Model!! It's so rare to find period pics of Palladiums that I haven't already seen, so I was pretty thrilled to find this. Driver wearing appropriate headgear.

My car is having its headlamps rebuilt at the moment, with re-silvered reflectors, painted bowls, new bulb brackets, polished rims etc... just a small job but it's one more to tick off the list. Also the new fuel tank developed a small weep so that's been rectified and the tank has been re-painted, ready to be fitted again.

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Well, this was unexpected. A week ago I spotted a post on the Humber Sceptre facebook group from a chap wanting to buy a manual o/d Mk2 in silver with red interior. This was the car his grandfather owned, and one of his earliest motoring memories. As you might image from facebook, all the responses were pub experts saying 'YOU'LL NEVER FIND ONE THEY ARE TOO RARE JUST BUY ANY COLOUR AND SPEC YOU CAN FIND!!' and others like 'SILVER AND RED MANUAL? NO CHANCE IN HELL M8'.

Obviously I took great pleasure in explaining I had one in exactly that spec and, although it wasn't actually for sale, if it went to a good home I'd be happy to let it go. Anyway, he turned up yesterday and paid the full asking in cash and took it away. He seemed genuinely emotional to find a car just like grandad's. I honestly didn't want to sell it, particularly as it was so close to seeing the road, but he happened to catch me on a day when money and space seemed more appealing than a lump of mouldy old Rootes Group stodge.

Obviously now I'm in that very dangerous position of having some money in my pocket and some space...


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