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Pictures of my Chod .... including Daily driver, small V8 powwwwwer & Rover 75 goodness

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I have been a long time lurker on here, but only recently made a profile.

I thought that I would share some of my vehicles with you all. The pictures of them will be loaded up as & when I have the time to do so.


First up....my daily (2001 Golf 1.8T) & yes, it is a VW, But I am NOT a OMGMADVEEDUBBER fanatic.... these are from when I first got it....it had been off the road for a year & a bit, so excuse the mould on the interior...



The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the front tyre is something an F1 driver would be proud of & also a tax disc holder in the window.. remember them? lol.


As can be seen, it needed a good clean up.

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Here is some more of my vehicles. Pictures taken today :)post-20267-0-13821500-1471703664_thumb.jpgpost-20267-0-65822900-1471703692_thumb.jpgpost-20267-0-28188400-1471703726_thumb.jpg


I have saved the best until last.....this is a thing of beauty in my opinion, however...I need to get the alternator sorted (battery light constantly on) but it's a bit of a pig of a job to do :(

She has covered a mere 153,000 odd miles, x2 owners from new, full service history, x2 working remote keys & benefits from being the 131 bhp cdti model.


This is a proper garage queen....I don't think the back seats have ever been used eithier....




Hope you enjoy these :-)

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CLK430? very nice! Looks to have twatted a kerb at some point with that low amg front bumper like my 320 has; mines currently held together with cable ties! Love the colour scheme on the 75.

Cheers for the comments. It is indeed a CLK 430  :-D The front bumper has indeed twatted the kerb, it is actually split completely at the right hand side, it is just placed on in the pictures. Have you seen the price of the AMG front bumper for one of these????.... :shock:  :shock:  I think i will follow your lead & cable tie it together....Autoshite at its finest. :mrgreen:

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I had that colour seats in my 75. I swapped them for leather ones. Kept getting black marks on them of the kids.

I have thought of that, however, once i get the alternator sorted (& get it m.o.t'd) it is not going to be used alot,  Sundays, dry days only etc.

it is still going to be a garage queen.

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