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Pogweasel. Is there a cure?

warren t claim

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As Autoshite is simply Pistonheads for skinflints (allegedly), you can recreate that with peanut butter, blu-tak, furniture polish and your wanking arm.


Seriously, if the paint is rough to the touch and flat it will just need a cut and polish. If it's still perfectly shiny but has gone pink then you have lacquer on top and that's not worth bothering with, you need to strip and repaint. Same as wetting it or 1200grit and see if it changes the colour, you're just trying to tell whether you're working with the faded paint layer or whether anything you put on it will be blocked by lacquer.


Well, I say not worth bothering with - if you've just found a slightly pink BMW M5 for £150 then that might be different.

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You need that "Detailing World" guy who checked the thickness of the paint on his Astra before applying 57 coats of whale jizz for ultimate protection. He would sort it out no problem, except he would take six months to do it.


The machine polish and fancy potions ideas are all spot on but this is Autoshite, surely you have a 15 year old half empty bottle of crusty T-Cut in your shed??? That and some old pants for application and polishing off and job jobbed!

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I eventually cured mine with 1200 then 1500 wet & dry, Farecla G3 then G10, Meguiars paint cleaner then two coats of 'Wolf Chemicals Nano Hard Body' (that cost an absolute fecking fortune for a gob-full but I eventually did five cars with that gob-full).

Took me a full day but that was two years ago and it's all still red (VW Flash Red).


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