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Out with the old in with the new.


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'Nibblet' my silver chariot has given me 2/3 years of sterling service, she has been used and abused and still after 40k miles the cambelt lottery is still ongoing, she has been used to haul pallets and wood for the stove but as she needs a lot of work doing it was cheaper to get another. Now I have never bought the same car twice in my life so this goes to show how happy I am with the trusty Megane.

She is still mot'd till December but has the exhaust blowing, the pads are replaced but they grind for the first few miles until they settle in place, the cam belt needs doing, she loses a bit of water over a month or two, clutch is at end of life but not slipping yet so is really the perfect car for this website!





As we are going to Cornwall for the 30th time a replacement had to be found and I came across Dion (I know, I'm a sad bastard). It was the same price as the parts for 'Nibblet'  and a years AA membership.

Sorry no collection photies as I had to pick her up quickly before the wife changed her mind on me having it.



I have always wanted a convertible car, and u know how it is, marriage, babies = sensible car, so now I am on my second midlife crises I have treated myself.

The lady who sold it had just had the front brakes replaced, full service, 4 new tyres and a cambelt and water pump change along with a full mot, It was her 'Baby' and was upset to sell it but hubby came home with a new Peugeot 307 as a company car so it made sense to let the Megane go. I managed to get it for £600, the money she had just spent!


So for the first time I have gone decimal on the registration plates! Insurance o Nibblet £440 , on Dion £240, how does that work? same engine size etc.


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