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24/7/2019: Audi Cab, keep or sell?

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Jobs to do:

Fit 2 vanos solenoids and 2 camshaft sensors: ordered

4 new tyres: ordered

Discs and pads all round: ordered

Oil and filter change: ordered

Coolant flush: not ordered as the existing stuff is murky and I can't tell what colour it is. But its been in there a while so that shows that is hasn't been disappearing somewhere it shouldnt.

Drove it for theĀ first time tonight, seems to car very well, feels bigger than it is. But it does not Clio, unfortunately.

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My Audi 80 Cab is a tremendous car. It performed faultlessley on our trip to Arran and indeed always has done. Its a grand wafter and is really comfortable.

It gets a lot of admiration and a 'classic' Audi is one of the coolest cars to be in, opinions may vary. The colour combination is pretty unusual too and works well I think.

The car needs almost nothing else doing to it. Belts were the only thing wanting and I had all of these done in April together with an oil and coolant change. Being picky, I'd probably change the N/S CV joint as it clicks slightly if you turn into a side street/parking space too fast.

I have given it the new lease of life it deserved and I achieved my goal of taking it to Arran.

What next though? Just continue to drive and enjoy or get something else? It would need to involve no additonal cash for me given my current situation.

Unsure what to do!



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