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Toyotally Fixerating Bitz 'n Bobs.. A Diary

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These Celicas have the same Caliper carrier/1pot Caliper [same distance between bolt holes] as my Carina 2.






... hmmmm  :shock:


Same 57MM piston bore (same foot pressure) but nearly twice the friction area....


Scare up some 4 Hole Discs & could be a Goerr [STOPPER actually..!!]  8)




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.... anklebiter has been 'chezMam' for a few days.....


We slipped off out  ;)



@ Stannersburn.



@ Carter Bar.


... have visited here before > about 10yr Ago  8)





Lots of 'No Parking - TOW AWAY Zone' signs on the Kielder link roads... Cycle circus is coming thru (Monday - today)




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I ordered a S/S tip for the Exhaust....


48mm specific [my pipe is 48mm o/d]. Arrived today - it is 48mm :/


Rather than moan on I swiftly zipped two axial slits, about 2" long then cut two lateral slits 1/3 of the circumference.


A good 'squeeze' with the water pump pliers & Bingo... Hammered into the pipe end (with a wood block to protect the tip!)




Looks OK... & tools back in just missing the deluge!!




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Mr Station kindly 'threw' a wheelbrace spider into the boot before parting with ToMM©....

It seems that the winder/crank [for the scissor jack] went walkabout too!

No no no.... I haven't had a flat! All my 'ups & downs' are done with trusty tj+woodblock PLUS axlestand ;)

Just >> as the scissor sits up under the drivers rear arch >> got me thinking I couldn't wizz the car up using it :(



... I only have the Scissor Jack  :cry: 

Ordered a replacement on Amazon for £8 delivered... Couldn't be arrissed with the breakers!!


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My Gov.uk 'auto reminder' has ponngged >> My MOT is due (17 Oct)  :?


I'm going to get the MOT place to attend to servicing items, then test it :-


oil + filter

refill antifreeze

check discs/drums

replace alt + PAS belts.... I have both in the boot.


It got an air filter last time and I have done the plugs (minty fresh as came out!). They replaced rear brake pipes when the dampers were replaced so 1/2 the fluid is new...


Sailed through last year so I'm confident 52weeks won't have killed anything....  :-P




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My daughter [of recent PIP notoriety!], bless her, found this Knob in a drawer full of tat... left over from a Barried Escort of dubious provenance/shady MOTability & Lurid Orange hue...!!!


... been in her drawers for many a year.....


... she gifted it to me and it saw sterling service in my Suzuki [not so]Swift 3potta... When I punted it in, against the Savvy, I swapped it off again for some cotton reel or the like (for the trade-in 'anything with MOT' deal).


So it has come, then to this........





Is the 'R'... Ripspeed?


It has a smooth bore and I got it to 'twist fit' tight down the threads by 'top hatting' some very chewy plastic [from a sweet pot] into the knob + heavy twisting. It came originally with 3x grubscrews but they are long gone....


I like the turquazz/poipill hue  8)


* Correct = Ripspeed (Halfrauds)





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YAY... MOT... OKayyy :-P


Had some 'service work' done....


Oil & Filter (8k over the year but lots of cold /short trips)

Bleed brakes

Refill Antifreeze

Replace PAS/WPump belts (supplied)

Service brakes - new shoes only needed.


The front of the Exhaust is a 'bit frilly' = Ebay around £50

No gills left in the radiator (not leaking, Yet!) = Corolla E9 [compatible] snagged brand new @£18 off Amazon, deliver 11 Oct PostFree.


They found a split CV boot/ Replaced


... they 'crowbarred' the front suspension & road tested it >> and couldn't find any KNOCK..... Hmmm :?


Invited me back in a week or so (Radiator will be here then 8) ) and they will adjust the rear drums.....



£150 all in.... Not Robbed :mrgreen:




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I was suspicious of Latvian* sourced exhausts @£50

... so I took my sheet of part numbers to my local ATS guy (who admired ToMM© when fitting Chinese Deathring Landsail tyres) & he will fit a Klarius pipe for £125 all in.



A sensible 'overspend'/guarantee + it will fit!!

* other obscure European countries of origin may apply

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.... got the Ex fitted... No Problems.




Business end...





UNFORTUNATELY (fortunately..!) the fitter was their MOT guy....




.... he wasn't too enamoured of this lot! The fuel lines [front ones in this picture] are shagged but not MOT...


His advice is to track back under the plastic cover, along the floor >> back a foot (pipes are mintty) >> and get a section of new brake pipe joined/running back to the rear end. He did note that the pipes must be 'correctly restrained/clipped' per factory [good as..] so I better be careful with the plastic clips.



... Carina fix too!


Will inquire at my garage, when the radiator is fitted on Thursday.  :?



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