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Allegro Vanden Nah (Bad car! No picnic!)

Conrad D. Conelrad

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Looks like this is probably the answer. Someone on MacDroitwich came to the same conclusion and posted a photo of the nut. Looks easy enough to get to... if you can be arsed pulling the engine out, taking the box off... Which I can't. 


And I was so happy to have an E-Series Allegro instead of the (much more common) A-Series ones. Bugger!




Sounds like a grim job to fix it but it's got to be worth it for the VANDEN CLASS.

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Another offer of an engine crane from me. I'm only about 10 miles from Stockport for info. Happy to lend a hand over a weekend if needed too.

Hi Conelrad


You're welcome to borrow my engine crane if you want? I can even deliver and provide technical


Thanks guys, I'll get in touch if I decide to fix it. We could have a North West version of the Midlands tinkering weekend (whatever they called it). Who's bringing the recumbent bicycle?

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Yo! Just caught up wid 'dis. Spotted the Vanden NAH! on eBay and recognised the reg. No wai man, you MUST fix it. It's rare and shite enough, yet still classy and pretty much an accepted classic.


Man, even I'll lend a hand to get this fixed up if it means you keeping it (plus, I might actually get to drive an Allegro, a small dream of mine)

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Good grief, you scrapped it?

Think of it if you get a tin of Roses at Christmas.


Shame about what happened, as it was really rather lovely, especially the interior.


Still, other mothers have beautiful daughters too, as they say in Germany. Collection thread expected shortly?

Speaking of Germany, I wonder what happened to that lovely green Merc 190 I shunned for the VdP?


Sir! I have a question Sir! Oh Please Sir! Do tell us Sir!


What is replacing it?


12 months insurance on a yellow Rover, and a tin of Roses.

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