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Earls barton car meet.


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A few more!


Fantastic mix of cars.


Nice to see an Escort done as just a car.......not some over restored ornament. I know the fella that owns this and it gets properly used and abused



This looked unmolested from 20 yards




Actually very molested....but nicely done. I think there must be a kit for this because there were a couple more all executed exactly the same



This a some kind of blown V8. Wonder where he keeps his lawnmower now?



Ratty Rat



This was bloody lovely....



As was this



But car of the night had to be this..........for me anyway




oh......and I went in this


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I'd heard about it for a while but thought it would be full of chavs and drifters....so went for first time and it was a good way to spend a couple of hours.


It is first weds every month


Where's that please Alfa, is it in that field beside the A45 where they hold the country fair etc?

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