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26 minutes ago, gm said:

that certainly looks like an inappropriate choice of vehicle but I bet it was still a load of fun ! 

Yeah. Mazda 929.

I did an autotest at Santa POD in it and the timer said it was the worst handling car he'd seen. Still didn't come last though. 

Shortened front springs and lowering blocks on the back (leaf sprung) may have been something to do with it. 

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I've been out checking over the car and it's held up well, the oil level hasn't dropped which it normally does, coolant and steering fluid are both fine, on the downside, the front brake pads are like beer mats and the tyres...well, lets say its good that it stayed dry :)


they've still got another track session in them, I reckon, but probably best not to use them on road anymore !


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brakes refreshed ready for tomorrow’s track evening at teeside auto drome - I’ve recruited a newbie for tomorrow night, the chap I bought a set of alloys off was very interested to hear my trackday antics and is bringing his mk2 mx5 along to get stuck in :)




many thanks to PaulPlom for the brake discs and pads he gave me last week - I’m looking forward to converting them into heat, dust and noise  !

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the track was surprisingly quiet last night, at times it felt like I had the circuit to myself. I prefer to have someone to chase, makes it more fun but, on the empty laps, I could really push the mazda, in particular hard and late breaking before the long 180o corner. which explains how I utterly destroyed a brand new set of brembo pads in round about 60-70 laps. the track tyres (nanking ns-2r) performed brilliantly despite being down to the wear markers at the end of last months session. there's probably one or two more sessions left in them but not a chance of using them on the road or in the rain.

several cars had trouble - a mk2 mr2 lost its coolant (twice), an Audi TT needed a fire extinguisher flinging under the bonnet and a Clio did about two laps then spend the rest of the session with two guys wriggling round underneath trying to do something quite tricky judging by the amount of language coming from under there.  a good mix of cars and pretty decent driving standards, only two stoppages that I recall, when I spun on the long bend (too much late braking) I kept it out of the gravel and managed to drive away without the tow truck being called :)

next session is Monday 22nd July, I'll get the day off work booked tomorrow






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Just been fettling the MR2 exhaust, quite fancy getting down there sometime though.

There's a big Tartan Tarmac day on at Knockers this weekend with track time available, sadly* I'm in Munich at Oktoberfest this weekend!

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it was really busy tonight, I only did three sessions but each time, there was a10-15 min queue in the pit lane. excellent driving standards however, not a single red flag stoppage all night :) the Mazda behaved itself as usual, I just ran on road tyres this time and was pretty impressed with the rainsports, the took a beating but haven't worn too much. can't say the same for my brake pads though, they're toast (again)













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