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Any flasher experts on here? (Especially mot types)


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I am pretty sure of the answer on this but would be grateful of confirmation from one of our tame mot testers on here. Does the high beam flash get tested on the mot? From what I can find in the regs there doesn't seem to be a requirement but wanted to be sure. The one on my dolomite is defying all efforts to get it working despite my best efforts. I will try again but if it isn't needed asap I will move onto other jobs first.

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No, the flash function isn't testable but many testers use it to check the main beam and warning light so if it fails for no high beam ask them to test it properly!

My local guy is very good and I will be in the bay at the time so can explain if needs be. Bloody thing is so simple that you wouldn't think it could not work as its not broken, I just can't get any continuity through the connection. You can't just drop the switch off easily either and it's impossible to dismantle as all riveted together. You would think Lucas would have realised that folk would want to strip these things after forty years wouldn't you? Bloody amateurs.
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My 1968 AMC doesn't have a high beam flash so they couldn't test it! Dip switch is on the floor, too which would confuse the tester if he wasn't as old as me.


One Ftp was funny -


Can you release the bonnet?  Not from here (bonnet catch is at front with no remote release)


Put your hazard lights on.  I can't, there aren't any.

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My 1968 AMC doesn't have a high beam flash so they couldn't test it!


No American car has a high beam flash. At least not up until the newest ones I've ever driven.

That even includes Corvettes. When my Corvette customers complained about it, I always told them, that whoever needs a flasher in a car like this,

is not mature enough for it yet.

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