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Viewing tomorrow...........


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I reckon you should buy it, if only to prove an old VW can be run without tyres rubbing on the wheelarches (naturally wrapped around frankly embarassing wheels), fake rust and garish retina-bending paintwork. If you get rid of those roof bars and fail to cover your windows with chavvy-looking stickers you'll rock the universe of VWists across the land.

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That looks a nice car under the slight pineappling.   Are these the ones with a longitudinal 5 pot driving the front wheels?   Alfa interior might be worth keeping as the original cabin was a bit dark and grim.   And hard to find these days.


I once drove one at a summer laboring job I had.   It was a nice thing to drive and plenty powerful for an 18 year old.   I now realize that the strut tops were likely fucked as it would lurch alarmingly on full power.


Come to think of it the guy I was working for was a prime shiter, his daily at the time was a Renault 30.  

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I bought a taxed, tested and full of petrol one of those at auction for a quid once! It was a bloody brilliant car and served us well as a removal lorry and general hack for everyone I knew.


It was doom blue and a bit scuffed here and there, maybe that's why there were no bids on the poor old thing.


Get it bought, airbags for suspension, paint stripper on the bonnet/wings, and then sticker bomb the rest. Oh, don't forget roof rack with all your worldly goods strapped loosely on it and several comedy stickers on the tailgate.


You dare!

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OK, back safe and sound, car was as described, and after some perfunctory haggling, I bought it. Sound chap selling it, he's going to sign up for these hallowed pages, as his 'shite credentials are immpecable......to boot;

1 x Citroen AX

1 x Citroen GS estate

1 x Citroen CX estate

1 x Citroen XM

1 x T4 Transporter


.....all of which are in various stages of fixorating


He also has a classic Beetle, and a rather minty XM for general duties


Passat is not rotten, but probably will be in a year's time if left to it's own devices, I'm going to do the old "pre book an MOT", and drive it back tomorrow. If I can find a photograph taking device, the usual pez station / handover / Woolarding shots will ensue........


Further to the above, a blackcurranty Volvo 960 estate will shortly be for sale.......

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