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83C's Shite-esque Fleet: Retail Therapy.


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…but it pours.

After the shenanigans with the RAC being utterly incompetent last week with Mrs. 83C’s Mini (it’s still in Cornwall, supposed to be landing here in Shropshire tomorrow), the L322 decided to join the party with worn out rear brake pads. The first indication of this was the grinding noise as I slowed down off the M5 North into Gloucester Services. I would have expected the wear sensor to trigger but for whatever reason it hasn’t. It’s the n/s that’s down to the metal and I think the sensor is on the o/s. That suggests some uneven pad wear, but not long after I bought it the car needed the rear prop replacing and while it was at the garage that dealt with that one of the rear calipers seized. Both were replaced but it appears the old pads were reused which is probably why one set were lower than the other. 

On the upside the ZT had its first proper usage this evening and apart from a numberplate light bulb showing it seems to be going well.

Tuesday a new machine gets added to the fleet. There may be a short term addition too if the Mini is going to be out of action for a while.

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  • 83C changed the title to 83C's Shite-esque Fleet: Retail Therapy.

As a distraction from the RAC's continuing fuckwitticism, I'm off for a bit of retail therapy. 

Stage one of the collection mission:


Any guesses?

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