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What day is it? Trade it Tuesday! C U L8R Honda, hello Pat.

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Cue 41,557 images of Vin Diesel driving with a gormless expression next to a picture of a 27-speed shift pattern.


Something something kicked in not Jatco bumwart doofleshanker and so on etc etc.


2 words though, well bought. A work colleague had one with the same engine with bodywork held together and indeed substituted for in places by heavy grade tape. Lasted until this year and was put down due to rusty brake pipes.


My pal also had a 1500 Civic which had pools of water in it and dents but it refused to die.

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Civic Sport - ie the runout model. VTi interior but with carbon effect instead of grey 'wood' across the dash. We had one with the boring but functional 1.4, and it was an okay car, but uninspiring to drive, great workhorse but no fun at all. It's just a bombproof more expensive velour-free Rover 400/45. Will have part leather, a/c, a tape player if it's not been replaced, etc. It might have rear discs, it might not.


If it's tidy, on 100k that should be good for £600ish with some patience - we got £800 for a 1.4 on 50K, and that was a Y plater with the related killer tax too.

Beware though, put it on Gumtree etc and you'll have half the population of the West Midlands asking what your lowest price is - we did.

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£600? :shock:


Well, a 1.4 on 100k would be £500ish so I'm going off that.


Pricing for these Civics is anywhere from £350 to £800, and that doesn't even seem to be that reflective of condition or engine unless you have one like the old man's was, shiny, nice colour and 50k.


eBay at the moment has an 83k Cat C 1.5 Sport for £795, a W reg 1.4 with mongy wheels and 120k for £790, a P reg 1.4 on 93k for £500, a V reg 1.6 on 108k for £250BIN, low spec 1.5 on a T and 94k for £450 etc etc. No real logic, some people overvalue them, some undervalue them.


£375 isn't enough, but it'd guarantee you a sale. You can definitely get a bit more if you give it a cursory clean up and list it well. I'd say try £495 and see what you get.

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We had a 1.5 e-vtec one of these as a company pool car


The challenge whenever you were driving it was to keep it fully lit everywhere so as to never have the economy light on...

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We are talking nearly 20 years ago so memories are hazy, I can't remember if it came on when you are being economical or came on to tell you to be economical. Whatever the answer, we aimed for the opposite.

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Does that mean it has a light for whether you're using VTEC or not? That's ridiculous.

There is different types of VTEC, ones are tuned for performance and ones tuned for economy - depending on the engine model. The eco ones act like a smaller engine when not VTEC and then in VTEC act like the engine size it is.


Are these the fancy fangled lean burn engines? I.e. econ light signals its running as lean burn mode.

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Yes, the light comes on when it is being economical. A hangover from the early 90s Civic when Honda didn't make their own diesel. I think you could get these with a Rover L-series diesel if you wanted.


Anyway if there's any history, the ticket is long and the damage is minimal you should have no bother shifting that.

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Yep, yellow light comes on I wondered what it was! Last owner said it droned (like wheel bearings) from the rear but had had it looked st by a garage who supposedly said it must be the budget tyres as bearings etc seem fine, which they did in my cursory check of them. Disc rear with new calipers I think.


Could certainly hear something this morning, will switch tyres if I can be arsed and see what happens.

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    • By uk_senator
      My collections doing my head in, got too many coming & not enough room, so things need to go, & the first in this cull is the skort... 

      Has a years MOT, was 1 owner till I got it a few weeks ago, done 150k, but been over serviced (inc 2 timing belts within 10,000 miles, a water pump, a clutch & a recent battery. It starts & runs well, with only a small amount of CVH rattle (been semi using it as a daily & I'm surprised at how many looks & comments it gets). MOT guy said its running cleaner than most moderns (did you hear that government? WELL DID YOU?). It has run on a few times, & when I checked the plugs they were sooty, so I'm guessing the pistons are a bit coked up due to the previous OAP doing 3-5 miles once a fortnight for the last however many years. Likely solvable with a bit of water injection.

      The battery tray does leak depending what angle you park it at in the rain, so that could use a weld, or a jolly good masticing.

      Its no oil painting, various dinks, scuffs & scrapes & rust (rear arch), a worn through drivers bolster, a cracked door card. The boot strut mounting bracket has cracked, so the strut pops off (chunk of wood included).

      Functionality-wise, the passenger windows sticking (motor & mechs ok, just needs an adjust & WD), central locking goes mental, so fuse removed (likely dirty drivers door microswitch, same fuse as interior lights, so they aren't working because of it). petrol gauge not working (fill up, do 150-200 miles, then fill up again), rear wiper dead (the heated rear screen was deaded too, but it's suddenly working, so possible cracked loom at the boot hinge).
      Other notes.. The front wishbone bushes needs doing, the shocks are tired, the NSR wheel locks up under heavy braking, so either needs adjusting or shoes, the front tires are out of balance at 60-70*mph. It has 4 different keys, one for each lock, both screen rubbers are perished & there's some milkiness to the front one in a couple of places (has a heated screen, but doesn't seem to work)... It's mostly easy but fiddly stuff, easy to deal with if you've got time, but in reality I don't, & I keep spending more & more time on it which is taking time away from other projects.

      I could stick it up for eleventy billion pounds seeing as it's a classic Escort, but it's up for a bargain £699, fellow shitters will get it for less.

      I may swap for a Transit sized van (post 2001 for LEZ reasons, or anything petrol), but, I`d much rather have wonga due to space issues.

      Its giving the feeling that it`d happily drive anywhere indefinitely, and last another 5-10 years. I wouldn't be concerned about driving it across the country.

      In EN5 bit of that there London, just off M25 & A1.

    • By Burnside
      Sadly I'm selling my Grandfathers Rover 45 on his behalf due to ill health and also having the DVLA take away his Driving licence. 
      It's a 2002 1 .4 Impression 2 in Met Red. 85,000 miles. Remote locking, Leccy front windows. PAS, factory CD player. An AC. 
      It has some battle scares to both bumpers  and a couple of minor dents but polishes up decently. Interior clean and tidy. Still has a full set of genuine wheel trims, mudflaps and rubbber floor mats fitted too. 
      He brought the car in 2013 and it has been a good car on the whole with mainly local trips to the shops etc but has been on a few longer runs over to Wales.. It did suffer a headgasket failure in July 2017. Which he had repaired to the tune of £708! I have the receipt for the work carried out which inc a new Cambelt kit too. 
      We have had the car for over a month and had intended on advertising it sooner, but as my Grandad got admitted to hospital then my Van broke down and the Cav failed the Mot. It got pressed into service and we added over 1,500 miles without complaint. 
      My brother just had a new set of front discs and pads fitted last week as they were past there best.
      I have the V5 and some recent paperwork but my Grandmother can't find the current Mot certificate but it's not really a issue and is available online to view. 
      Pricing this is difficult.  As this is for my Grandad and the money will hopefully go towards a mobility scooter or his care. 
      He wants £500 and can be viewed at WS9, Aldridge or possibly at DE12, Measham if preferred. 

      Mods I have tried to put this in the For Sale section while posting this via my phone, but it's still ended up on the main page? 
    • By HMC
      My attempt at living a shite free life has failed. Trawling e bay/ gumtree again etc but I thought I'd put out a wanted ad here. I've been browsing the for sale threads, but is there anything your thinking of moving on and would like to keep in the fold and have a hassle free sale? I'd consider anything but something fundamentally ok with a bit of MOT would be great. There is a bit of a strange condition- unusually I'm free this Wednesday and rarely at all other times- so being able to collect during the day this Wednesday would be perfect.
    • By si1881
      Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar.
      My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage.
      It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key.
      It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition.
      If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail.
      She’s looking for about £750-800.
      Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).

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