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Domes shonky autos - Manta progress!


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We're not in Kansas Knockhill any more.

Queue for our second session was interesting.


Wee car went well. Stu is a very good driver, I felt totally safe beside him despite him never having been here before. Assen is a great track too. Track days here do seem like a bit of a free for all which takes some getting used to. Just send it is the moral of this trip...

Assorted rammel.





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12 hours ago, SiC said:

I see four warning lights in that picture!

ABS, Airbag, Traction Control and SERV

Nah, SERV doesn't count, it just comes on in addition to which other one the Renault Magic 8 ball diagnostics has decreed to be an issue at that particular moment in space time

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6 hours ago, hairnet said:

Dank je well

When we did it there was a GS break that did one session then went home (wasn't broken)

I had mums civic 1.6 

Eml on on the way to hull and went out about 40 miles from home :D


We saw this little Daf rock up and thought, aww that's cute. 


Next thing he was on track going flat oot. Don't think it's stock😁


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  • dome changed the title to Domes shonky autos-Track Day Tour-Assen done, Zandvoort next

Zandvoort done! Track is amazing, definitely a bit better than Knockhill 🤣





Had my first run in the Megane today. Running a fairly mild 300bhp(for now) but the chassis setup is absolutely spot on. James also knows how to drive. I'm very impressed with both him and Stu. They both did very well for their first time here and the locals seem impressed at the crazy Scottish people 🤣




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  • dome changed the title to Domes shonky autos-Track Day Tour-Assen done, Zandvoort done, Spa day next

Spa, completed.

I'm running out of words to describe how amazing this trip is.

I've been through Eau Rouge flat in the Mighty Megane 😳

The circuit is fucking awesome.






We're at a village a few km from the 'ring. Big boy pants required for tomorrow, and I'm just passengering 🫣

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1 hour ago, hairnet said:

funnily enuff ring........

not interested - as a place to visit (and the area) yes - izz nice round there

but the circuit?

like you id rather be a passenger - id rather do track time at other places

I'm happy to be a passenger with someone who knows where he's going.

All 3 of the guys I'm with on this trip are fucking good drivers.

The wee Clio is a cracking car but its a road car at the end of the day.

The Megane has race buckets, full cage, 3"  belts, foot rest and a roof vent so I can brace myself and get some fresh air while we're hurtling round. It's actually a more pleasant place to be, even though my insides are being rearranged!

But me driving? I get lost going round Knockhill, I'd be screwed here😳

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Nurburgring: done.

Traffic was bad


Megane doing it's thing from the Clio.




I'm kinda lost for words as to how epic it was. The fact we were drinking til 4am this morning doesn't help.

Did 1 lap in the Clio and 1 in the Megane. I was definitely a bit nervous but both Stu and James know the way round it. The Megane did it in around 8m20s in traffic and with a yellow flag slow zone. Not bad for being built in a shed in Fife😎

Sadly we couldn't get on the GP circuit as it was rammed, also the museum is shut while we're here. Guess I'll just have to come back🤔


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  • dome changed the title to Domes shonky autos-Track Day Tour-Assen done, Zandvoort done, Spa done, Nurburgring done. 😎

Well jealous! Dream trip for me, that I will get around to some day. The only things I'd add are possibly La Sarthe and a pit stop at Rheims-Gueux. In fact, as Circuits Of The Past was one of the first YT channels I subscribed to, there's so many places I'd love to see, and better still, drive.

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