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Domes shonky autos-Kangoo 182 exhaust fabrication begins

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3 hours ago, stuboy said:

very covert

whats up with the rear window?

No window, it's a sticker for Bucks Automotive,  a Renault specialist who used to own this.

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Excellent purchase, top marks. We finished the turbo on the Octavia the other day, what a twat of a job! I don't know how you did it all from the top on axle stands, we ended up dropping the exhaust and subframe - if you managed it without doing that, this van is clearly in safe hands.

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Cheers guys. It's that joyous* stage of a project where I get to fork out money for lots of bits. 

Insurance sorted for an ok price. A Clio 182 would've been cheaper but such is life!

I picked up a brand new Clio 182 cat locally tonight for cheaps.

I've ordered a standard pattern 172 exhaust online to chop up and make fit. These have a boring downturned tailpipe for the sleeper look. It's also mild steel so easier to weld. 

And finally I've order a kit to delete the A/C and power steering the same as the Clio 172 cups had. This isn't much more than a new aux belt and tensioner costs, that's how I'm justifying it anyway! This will cure my power steering leak!

Power steering will be going EPAS in the future, I think I'll get it Mot'd and on the road first though minus power steering to shake it down a bit before spending any more!


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40 minutes ago, Jim Bell said:

Philosophical query. 

In theory, it's a van, so will you be obliged to comply with van speed limits while traversing public highways?

I'd have thought it would class as a car-derived van rather than a goods vehicle? 

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27 minutes ago, yes oui si said:

I'd have thought it would class as a car-derived van rather than a goods vehicle? 

I think the Kangoo is a van derived car not the other way around. It might be a boat load of Clio bits but it’s not a Clio chassis. 

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56 minutes ago, Tickman said:

It depends on quite a few things, mostly what it is registered as on the V5.

Depending who filled it out at registration can make the difference.

Just punched the reg into one of those online car check things and it says it’s an LCV. 

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Yes it'll be stuck to van speed limits - car derived vans are limited to being like fiestas with the back side windows panelled up.

Crackers isn't it - My 70bhp ancient Talbot Express can legally go faster than my 2016 195bhp VW Caddy.

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7 hours ago, Jim Bell said:

Philosophical query. 

In theory, it's a van, so will you be obliged to comply with van speed limits while traversing public highways?

I had a look into this when I was going to build one and from what I could see up to about 2006 before they facelifted them(like mine) they were private/light goods on the V5 so are subject to the lower limits.  After 2006 they all seemed to be car derived van so I think had car speed limits applied. 

I was going to build one based on a facelift van but this one was too good a bargain to pass up. I also like the colour and the lack of side doors-it can't weigh much more than 1000kgs as it sits with the F4R engine in it.

I may look into changing the class on the V5 once I've jumped through the hoops with the engine change but I suspect it'll be a pain in the ass. Probably easier ziptieing a chemikazi and an air mattress into it and getting it registered as a campervan...

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The Clio 172 exhaust arrived yesterday so I set about trying to make it fit. 

First off, hang the back box in location. It curves over the rear beam and joins the centre section


The Kangoo exhaust exits on the opposite side to the Clio so some fettling was required.

I mounted the cat at the front and tried the centre section upside down. It had potential so the angle grinder came out and some of my spare exhaust sections were compared, head scratched and grinder deployed again followed by the welder.

Surprisingly quickly I got to this stage


I've tack welded the old section with the bend onto the 172 system, that's the only weld so far. It'll hopefully allow me to adjust things to allow clearance where it goes over the axle.

It is reasonably complete but only driving it will show if it clears properly. The big double clamp in the centre of the pic is leftover from the S4 and allows a decent range of adjustment. The clamp from the 182 cat to the 172 system doesn't match so plan is to chop off both and stick another double clamp there. The middle hanger lines up perfectly. 

The middle section is upside down which means the lambda sensor points downish. I can relocate bthis if clearance is an issue. It also wasn't plugged in to anything so I'll need to search for the connector in the Clio loom...

I'll need to fabricate a hanger for the silencer too. 

I fired it up and even in this state with no clamps it's a damn sight quieter than the old system.

Still loads to do but I'm surprised how quickly I got to this stage!

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1 hour ago, big_al_granvia said:

reckon you do need a mount of some description to stop the silencer or pipe banging on the axle beam, wee bit of steel strip in a loop with a bolt to stop it moving sideways

I've got a standard Clio rear silencer mount lined up. It'll go in the bolt hole that you can see a ziptie holding the silencer on with just now

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Got a wee bit done today-removed the non matching flanges from the cat and the centre section. These have been chopped off and will be linked together with another double clamp. I also welded* the join to the section I added.

I went on a scrappy mission yesterday, more for interior fittings as the load bay was totally bare.

It went from this 


To this


Cage behind the driver's seat which I'll use to make the bulkhead

Floor liner

Side trims

Racking with adjustable tie downs along the sides above the new trim

I've also got an overhead cubby to fit too for above the windscreen. 

I picked up some spares from a Clio 182 too, injectors (I learned with my last one...), throttle body and upper inlet manifold to give a lick of paint. 

I wasn't lying under it in this wind to fit the exhaust so that can wait...

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6 minutes ago, yes oui si said:

What kind of scrappy has tools in it?! :o

They're my tools, however the scrappy I was in now has my 1/4 ratchet as I've left it in there somewhere!

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