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My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear

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The thing with these big yanks, is that they're built for cruising long distances, most of them are nowhere near as bad on fuel as people think. My 305 caprice would do 25 mpg, as will the 5.0 mustang. My mate's '64 Fleetwood with a 429 big block will do 18. It's a similar figure to a modern petrol Range Rover or X5.


Eddy, this caddy is magnificent. It was parking issues that precluded me getting something full sized, I'm not in a particularly good area so something like that parked in the street would be just begging the local scrotes to vandalise it.

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Met Dan today as arranged, and we went for a ride in Huggy once we'd seen off our burgers.  I think he liked it...

Dam right I liked it! How could anyone not!?

Plenty of passers by seemed to like the pair of the yanks parked up together too.


Great to see you again Eddy, just a shame the weather wasn't as nice as last time.

The Mercury got covered in road grime on the way home. Gives me an excuse to wash and polish it I suppose.

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Here's that anniversary shot I promised....


And I've just realised I never posted any pics from the Portsmouth trip!  So, here we are at a service area on the way down...


Meeting the chairman of the A40 club on our overnight stop at Banbury...


Very disturbing Audi the following morning!


I let the Tesco Poles give Huggy a bath before going to meet Dan


Doesn't he look at home there!


We occupy a lot of car park between us...



The point of the trip was to celebrate our granddaughter Elsie's first birthday


And then on the Sunday morning I dropped in on the Facebook group that meets at Port Solent... (random selection follows)








This was across the road when we went for Sunday Lunch...


And that was it, really.  Huggy behaved very well, turning in an average of about 18mpg, which I thought was good enough.  If you've been reading CCB you will know I had to get the lights looked at upon return, as I had alarmingly few working headlights! 

Now this happened during the brief period when we seemed to be obsessed with breakfasts, so I did take a few pics of same.  The craze appears to have passed now but I have them if you want them.



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Don't know if this link will work, but it came up at the end of the cop music vid Felly posted.  Someone's gone to a lot of trouble there and Dan and I should do something similar (with more car action, because we can)!

Felly, thank you for the SFPD unit there, btw!  Just like my old copcar!


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I wish i had some pics of the 73 Cad that I owned briefly. It was £200 as it didn't run properly so I swapped some American parts for it. It was a lurid lipstick pink and it was fun. We found the source of the running problem which was a trapped wire that was shorting out and did some miles in it. There were a few adventures, it got assaulted by oiks in a Mk1 Escort (this was back in 1984) but the Cad retaliated by er, ramming said Escort and wrecking it. All in all that was an interesting night! I can't even remember the number plate, only that it was 'T' reg and when sold on got painted white. 

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Junkman could be the head villain, like a mafioso mob boss type being chauffeured in the Mercury. Until gets jumped by some rival gangsters in their Caddy! A chase ensues before everyone gets into a shootout with the cops.



We need a yank cop car, some quiet industrial streets (so we can drive on the correct side of the road without being killed!) and as many other old yanks as we can find for 'traffic' and other gangsters cars.

Who's going to play the maverick cop? Harry Callahan style!

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It so is!  A gen-yoo-wine Hazzard County copcar!


And just think, I had a proper black-and-white and let it go.............. :(


Saying that though.... I have a friend in southern Illinois who has a 1968 Plymouth copcar he has restored himself.  He must be due a vacation, mustn't he?

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