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My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear


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Huggy's been out today!  The Sunday meets at Morecambe have restarted, at long last.


On the way I met up with Mike and his 78 Lincoln, as arranged.  I then parked by the hotdog stand and set out my stall...


There were some really nice cars in attendance...





And then this arrived!



I mean, wow, right?  1928 Ford Model A five-window coupe.  The stuff of dreams for every Californian rodder, except we already had four glorious rods on site.  But wait...


As if that wasn't enough, we had a bunch of appropriately-dressed visitors from a local swing/jive dance class, who were strutting their stuff to 40s and 50s music supplied by their instructor.  Sunshine, cars, hotdogs, music... can it get any better?

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1 hour ago, junkyarddog said:

Did you manage to flog a few bits Eddy?

Yes I did :). I came home about £30 up, which I thought was good enough.

1 hour ago, PhilA said:

Looks like it was a day that was good for the mental health.


That A is almost a spit of my neighbor's, too. I'm sitting here listening to rain and thunder, which has been threatening all week and finally arrived...

It really was Phil, thank you.  Huggy got quite a bit of admiration, which always surprises me because I know what lurks under the primer!  Seems the "work in progress" look actually goes down rather well .

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2 hours ago, bicycle repairman said:

missed a good day eddie am about recovered from my night off drinking let me know off next one cant waite,love cars good thing about your car,you dont need a table to sell your goods bonnet well big enougth  brill

Next one will be July 4th :)

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When I got home on Sunday I noticed the rotten trim at the front edge of the vinyl roof had broken and was flapping loose.


I tried to pull it back into line but a chunk from the middle broke away.  A trip to Halfords was in order.


So yesterday, in three bursts, I filled in the sections I could, using the filler to hold the broken piece back on the roof.


When my head isn't quite so battered by the endless bills I'll have a sanding session and try to sculpt it into something resembling what was there before.  I think it'll need more filler too, but that's for later.

Chuck it out and buy new?

Yeah, that would be nice, wouldn't it?  It's 48 years old, Cadillacs don't come with mouldings like this any more.  What do you think my chances are of finding such things in a UK scrappy, in anything like a usable condition?  Yeah, me too.  I have asked on a US-based Cadillac group on FB, but nobody seems to want to scour their local breakers for inconsequential bits for a car 5000 miles away.  So I'm thrown back on my filler-sculpting experience.

Fucking marvellous.

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Weird that the vinyl roof doesn’t cover the whole roof, I guess the stylists were desperate to do something different after 5 or 6 years of vinyl tops as a feature.

1970s American cars always seemed to have padded ones as well, presumably with some sort of foam inside.

Much worse for rust then the British/European sort, which tended to be just flat embossed vinyl cloth - albeit usually glued onto unpainted metal!!! 

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I was expecting the roof on this to be padded, but it doesn't seem to be.  My first Cadillac was a 1979, which had had a padded top from new.


Some time before I bought the car, it had been attacked and almost all the covering ripped away.  The padding had a fairly smooth top surface, so as a temporary measure I painted it with black shoe dye!  It looked better until I could afford to get the roof re-covered.  Notice the screen pillars?  The original white vinyl was still there, A and B posts.  The new top I had was black, because I'd got used to the black by then, and had never seen the white.

I think what the styling department set out to do with the previous generation (Huggy's) was simply run a contrasting strip of body colour between the windows and the vinyl.  Several colours of roof covering were available, to suit the colour of the car's paintwork.

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On 6/2/2021 at 10:18 PM, eddyramrod said:

Well, without wishing to tempt fate... I think we might be up-and-running again. 

I did an early run to Halfords this morning for some ATF to fill up the power steering, then removed the tape from the mirror plinth and refitted the mirror.  Then filled the tank and went down the road to Grange-over-Sands to meet @flat4alfa who was having a little family holiday up this way.


...Using his family's little RV.  We passed a jolly couple of hours, being Shiters and therefore generally Good Eggs.  Nice to meet you at last, Jason!

I then headed for home, and when I last looked the mirror was still where it should be.  I think I'll leave the exterior one (passenger's door) for next week, because I want to be able to drive the car on Sunday.  But after all the fun* and games* of recent months, it was just lovely to be able to drive Huggy again.  I feel so much better.

Sorry Eddy, bit of a latecomer posting these two after all the recent posts

Great to meet you @eddyramrod (twice in three days!).  Seeing Huggy was a great surprise and as expected, was immense, literally.  With a hood that needs a hefty shove to lift it!  I thought it was stuck...   (southern puff)


Eddy Woollard, in action


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I was delighted to be able to come out and meet up!  You have a lovely family too.  I hope they didn't mind me monopolising you (twice, lol). 

Huggy's hood is heavy, isn't it?  I'm constantly amazed the way it self-supports.  Letting people lift it is one of my/Huggy's party tricks.

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I've had a couple of days filling and sculpting, and this is what Huggy looks like after all of that.



At least it shouldn't fall off now!  The paint is some leftover (always use leftovers up) gold Hammerite.  It isn't very pretty but it's better than raw filler and bare metal.

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Huggy went to Morecambe again today...


Not many cars in attendance today, thanks to a big show just up the road and an even bigger, mostly American, one at Tatton Park.


One local chap, who has a 53 Chevy, decided to leave it at home and come by bike instead...


This might look like the frame of a 1942 Harley with added pedals, and there's a reason for that: because it was designed to!  It is actually a purpose-built pedal cycle that's about two years old, and very heavy.  I think it's brilliant.

Oh and I sold the last T-shirt.

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23 minutes ago, PhilA said:


Does have the paisley pimp-trousers seats in crushed velvet though.

I think I need to see pictures, despite my art school training and years of working in advertising I am having terrible trouble visualising that :)

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