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is it just me ....?

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What  massive pile of old bollocks. A windscreen surround from an old Beetle precariously balanced on some wanky MDF and it's that much money?


'it’s got everything you need to help you get through your morning ritual'


I fail to see a straw and an 18 inch line of Columbian marching powder?

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Watched some upcycling programme whilst I was at my niece's house earlier. Some woman goes around the tip, taking stuff off people to make furniture out of. 


She was given an old Post Office trolley, that she paid two hipsters £650 to turn into a table. She turned a £500 profit on it.


To be fair, she kept in touch woth the "donors" and gave them the cash she made, but £1150 for an old piece of tat turned into a table? Fucking hipster twats.


I'm off to the tip.


EDIT: just googled it.It's called Money For Nothing. Title is very correct.

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There are good examples of this sort of thing, it's just there's a lot of people out there making and, for reasons that boggle my mind, buying really bad examples.


For some good examples, here's what to do with the humble, knackered, spark plug.  These are all things I'd pay money for.








They're clever, and look good, someone has put thought into the materials they have and what they want to end up with.  That dresser is just someone loading all their ideas into a shotgun and firing it at an unsuspecting piece of brown furniture.

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The spark plug stuff is great. Also, I can't say too much, as I've sold many clocks made from old hubcaps, although I have many more cluttering my garage that I've never had the motivation to do anything with.


However, for pure money making skill, check out this website.




To be fair, if he can sell it, good luck to him, but some of the prices are just eye-watering.


Also, the trolley table I mentioned in my ealrier post, that she got £1150 for? This guy bought it, and has it on at £2000. TWO FUCKING GRAND. Just think how many Laguna IIs and Alfa 156s that would buy!

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You're on shaky ground when you've stole your business idea from the Wombles.


There is some nice stuff out there, that dresser isn't one of them.

Remember those brown dressers with Wolseley front ends fitted to them someone was trying to sell one ebay a while back?

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Some bellend on LeBonCoin keeps advertising "loft living" furniture which is coffee tables made from two palletts one on top of the other and four casters screwed to the bottom. Not painted, no glass top, nothing.

Fine if he is selling it for 20 notes to folk unwilling to do it themselves but he is asking 500 for them.


That chair from the engine cowling is pretty cool though, but the price tag can FRO.



How about chairs made from AK47s?



It says "price on request" so that means you cant afford it.



How about this for a mere 30k?



Or this....

Dollybird not included*



Again, "price on request", but reading between the lines of the blurb, its not even real Lambo parts, just fibreglass replica stuff.


All can be found on jamesedition.com - the perfect website for proving that money doesnt buy taste. 




ten grand pen....



20k for diamond encusted dumbell weight....





The sooner the revolution comes, the better, IMO.

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