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Contender for Fugliest car ever.


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National Trust sticker is the perfect accessory.




The car in front is MAKING MY EYES BLEED.




"And what colour would you like the interior, sir? Midnight Black, Anthracite Grey or Shite Brown?"




So beautifully parked too.



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It's all subjective I s'pose. 


the Rodious sticks in my head - probably becasue of that tacked on rear window thingy. 


And it's face looks weird.


That Pug (3008?) is minging, but it's not the worst out there.


I'm fully qualified to comment on ugly things as I am one myself.

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That Pug (3008?) is minging, but it's not the worst out there.


Aye, it has strong competition in modern terms from that Audi goatee grille, any modern Lexus and the entireity of the 'DS' Citroen-but-not range.


Older stuff didn't have to suffer with all the flame surfacing bullshit that goes on today so it's more difficult to single out without resorting to OMGALLEGRO style boringness.

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the original avenger is i think a thing of beauty, now the Chrysler final facelift version of the avenger, just looked crap



and the AMC Gremlin is an aquired taste



if you want ugly, i mean REALLY REALLY ugly then anyone of the current Mercedes Benz range of "cars" are far, far worse!



eeeewwwwwwwwghhhh, bling bling baby.....

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How much are those superb Willysises?

I had no idea they came with those delightful brown interiors.

I'm in love. Make mine beige, please.


As for the most gopping abomination on wheels ever, we all know it's the Jag E-Type.


Wot you prepared to part with in exchange. I'll go back tomorrow and leave a note.

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Did some snooping on the Willy



Think I've changed my mind. It's in showroom condition for its age. With an engine that big in such a small tin can it's power to weight ratio must be approaching that of a Veyron. Finally, and rather sentimantally, it was first registered on my birthday.

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