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funny as ford ka £50,bought well,more to follow......


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Guest bangerfan101

It's not the engine you need to worry about. It's the tin worm under your seat, feet that will skint you. They wob like an alfa under a tree

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went to scrapper yesterday,bought a dark blue mattellic passenger front wing,if its blue it matches,bought rear interior door panel,s  due the numpty cutting out plastic,than putting 500w speakers, in,had to do  rear brake line,its was leaking ...it drove fine,bought the service kit from ecp,yet to bog up the front wing,still pissing it down,still driving ok,painted some underneath with lidls finest black metal paint,may paint the bonnet yet in the stuff,or roller it on...

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What's that stuff on the front of the A pillar?? Looks like black bathroom sealant invisibly* applied, possibly to hide a hole.....


Great buy though, it looks as if it could become a benchmark for future forum purchases


"Yeah, I went to see it but it made Shadows KA look like a concours d'elegance winner"

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