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Bike Super Shite For Sale 2: 1993 Spartamet 30cc, £350


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which is basically a Sparta bicycle with a Sachs 30cc engine attached to the back wheel. Off the road since 2001 but had it running earlier this week but I think the petrol is stale, either way, it's a lovely thing, sold as a complete machine and Netherlands and imported in 1995. Instructions and handbooks, V5 and stuff, it does need MOT, tax, crash helmet etc, no keys, just a pull start and off you go, in theory...

If you need more pics viscount dot basingstoke at g mail dott comm



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With your luck you will ride headlong into a brick wall and explode in a fiery ball of death.


Anyway - as they can be heard saying in Yorkshire ----


'Ow Much????


Missed the price in the thread title ( I r a dope)

I have £200 to spend on a ped or motorised fiery death machine so "ahhhm oot"


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I keep coming back to look at this, it's amazing.


I'm not going to buy it I'm afraid, but I do feel happy knowing that they were still making these things in the 90s when it looks like a refugee from about 1940.


Love the .nl size number plate on the back as well.

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I've had a shot of a local youth's 80cc mountain bike, it was great fun!  His comment when I handed it back was, "That was well good, you were really giving it some!"  If it had been built by any of the others that he hangs around with, I wouldn't even have swung a leg over it, but he has spannering skillz.

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