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NORTHERN POWERHOUSE Classic - 7ish PM Tuesday 7th Feb @ Glossop


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Holme Moss.

A6024, I just checked. My memory wasn't quite right then.


That road is where I saw one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the road. Heading downhill on the south side I was doing 60-70mph & enjoying the ride on my GSX14, but I was following a nutter on a push bike & he was overtaking every car he caught. I was laughing too hard to pass him.

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Well another good night was had yesterday and we can definitely say that this little region of Autoshite has awoken from its dormancy. It was good to see everybody again, and nobody went home on a recovery truck this time which is a definite bonus. Even if I did have to borrow somebody else and their car for the occasion.




A Mini in the shadow of its successor. For once, the original was better presented.




Opposite ends of the British car spectrum.




A group of potential future owners weigh up the Autoshite bike BX.




3VOM's hand attests to the fact that ALL VOXALLS R SHIT. As a Plan B he'd brought his MkIII Golf 1.4, the teutonic rationality of its engine bay wowing all the PSA diesel owners who observed it.




My borrowed wheels for the occasion.




I'm glad somebody has a working BX diesel.



I learned that Minis are Issigonian torture chambers, and to enjoy driving one probably requires a while to reset your brain to factory settings; P6s are not case studies in great ergonomics but are brilliant to drive (and listen to); that the 306 needs a new clutch cable and that Ghosty is real.




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Summer's here, the days are long, Shitefest is over and the chances of FTPing in a dark, cold hailstorm are greatly reduced (but it is summer in northern England, so a lack of such weather cannot be guaranteed). All good reasons to restart the faintly beating heart of Autoshite's burgeoning northern powerhouse.


Would people be up for a meet? Perhaps at a weekend for MOAR shiter action, doesn't necessarily have to be in Glossop. Although Glossop would offer the potential enticing prospect of both my working fleet members attending (insert 'my only working fleet member' if you see my BX has grenaded itself on another thread).


When's best for everybody?

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I was just thinking of this the other day, last Thursday of the month would have been tonight but with SF etc I thought maybe not this week.


Personally I am not available on Thursdays for the next few weeks, so would propose a Tuesday evening, or perhaps a Sunday AM breakfast meet.


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I've been a bit busy latley and have not been able to attend but I do have more time now and weekday evenings are good for me.


It would be a nice 30 minute run to Glossop in the Victor, although I appreciate all Vauxhalls are shite so could park in a dark corner so as not to lower the tone.

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We've had 3VOM's Vauxhall attend before, and it was neither forced to park in a remote corner nor attacked by a violent anti-Vauxhall mob. The tone is already about as low as it can get (this is Autoshite, after all) so no worries about lowering it further.


Seems like a weekday meet is the most desireable prospect for most so far.

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Should be okay - but I'm provisionally going to London for the day on the 11th with my Californian friend who's staying in Macclesfield - so if I do a no-show again it's because I've stayed over in Macclesfield and not got home in time to fetch a bike or I've passed out or something. Think I'll bring my homemade beach cruiser mountain bike Frankenstein thing this time.

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  • Dave_Q changed the title to NORTHERN POWERHOUSE Classic - 7ish PM Tuesday 7th Feb @ Glossop

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