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Ford Sierra-Another years MOT.


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After my mammoth (to me) welding session on the Sierra in July/August-had to weld drivers side floor and inner sill and passenger floor-it's now passed its MOT. Should have put it in in August-but didn't bother. Needed a car after the BMW fiasco so put it in-failed on suspension arms and broken spring-changed those and now passed.

Need to fit new rear arches next.

Must praise Parts in Motion who delivered the parts in a day-all for a total of £66.


Sierra repairs 3.JPG

Sierra repairs 2.JPG

sierra repairs 1.JPG

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  • Stevebrookman changed the title to Ford Sierra-Auto gearbox problem!

From memory the Ford autobox of this era had brake bands that required periodical torquing up. Although I was advised to 'do not touch' on my Granada since it was functioning OK. 

I think the problem is that there is a Ford torque spec based on a nice clean thread and gearbox which doesn't translate well after 20 years of rust and crud accumulates. 

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Update. Took the speed sensor out and it would only turn with a bit of resistance one way-other way was totally free. Took it apart and theres a 2mm square serrated shaft that joins the splined end to the gubbins inside.  Pulled it out and pushed it back in a bit harder. Put it back in and it now works. Thought I'd get another but they are as rare as rocking horse poo. If it breaks again I'll put a bit of epoxy on the end.

speed sensor.JPG

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  • Stevebrookman changed the title to Ford Sierra-Another years MOT.
51 minutes ago, Stevebrookman said:

Another MOT for the Sierra-needed a bit of welding on the rear seat belt mounts and a CV boot-cost £270. Couldn't be bothered trying to weld upside down in the cold.



You've earned the right to pay someone else for the welding. In the spring you can get in there and check the rustproofing and amend as necessary. 

Plus £270 is quite good these days for that amount of work. I bet most people won't bother getting the welder out for less than £200.

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