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Cherry, Cherry baby


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You don't hang about do you? :)


I found the exhaust blow while I was looking at the gearshift, there is a rusty hole on the front of the first silencer.


I've really let this car down in the last few months due to lack of time so I'm really happy to see it getting some love and attention.


I shall get the welder on that when I get a moment! You and everyone else on here who's taken custody of this Cherry has played a part in saving it and providing it with a future which is important for relatively unloved cars like this. Cars like this often get driven into the ground pretty fast by folks who have zero interest in cars and it's managed to avoid that by finding it's way into the hands of shiters. It's what Autoshite is all about!


BTW, I sent you a PM!

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Brilliant! I find sorting stuff like this really therapeutic, the details look absolutely spot on for the period. Is there a lot of wheel choice for these?


I had a good drive of this at the devils bridge circuit, great fun round the esses!!

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Last year I had to demolish a couple of the big buildings I used to store old snotters. They were in a bad way and in danger of collapse so I sold off all the chod within and cleared them out. Looking out there yesterday I remembered some placca bumpers that had been up in the rafters that I lobbed out in the field when pulling the shed down. I never quite got round to getting rid of these before winter set in...




Which is just as well because on closer inspection, one of them turns out to be a new front bumper for the Cherry Spirit!!




Result !!1!




In further news, I took it down and got the wheel balanced. It actually drives and handles really nicely on these wheel and tyres (165/60R14 Kumho) even if they aren't exactly my No1 choice in wheels. I don't think I can bring myself to chop this up to fix a rotten Cherry Europe. I do have another, much better idea for it though...   :blink2::ph34r:



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