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The Autoshite holy grail is now one of us!


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I posted a link to that very same blue Sierra mk1 the other week, deffo has the correct type of rear bumper looking at the shots

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Hello Gents.


Thanks for these bumper recommendations.  I need to get the bASe through the MOT this month before indulging it any further.  This involves the steering rack that ALF892 has kindly located, and probably a little welding up front.


Please do keep any useful part recommendations coming though, it's really much appreciated!

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Not very good news then. Can't see why you were evicted when you were paying what they asked?


An email went around on the village Google Group with someone asking about storage for an old Ferrari.  Next day, I get a call saying they need their garage back.


Perhaps I'm being cynical!


Anyway, it's definitely easier having the car just next to me - when you find yourself with an unexpected 5 minutes (perhaps as the result of a 'clean sweep' or wife on the phone) you can get something done.  Or break something.  It's 50/50 really.

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Madness. Two years since we hatched this insane plan. I’m so pleased it happened, and that it’s still outside - depositing oil and coolant on my garage floor.


I’ll tax it tomorrow ready for 6 months of being an car. I hope you get to bump into us over the summer too. Just make sure your jabs are up to date.


Here’s to the worst April fools joke ever (!)

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Do you reckon you could get it to Festival of the Unexceptional this year? 14th July.

We were supposed to go last year. Sadly, the guy doing the bodywork let me down. He did offer to break his back and have it done by 10am on the Saturday, but it was just too late. A shame, as SpottedLaurel and I had organised to go together.


This is how it looked would when I wanted to leave for FOU last year!







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We were supposed to go last year. Sadly, the guy doing the bodywork let me down. He did offer to break his back and have it done by 10am on the Saturday, but it was just too late. A shame, as SpottedLaurel and I had organised to go together.


Happy to meet you at 8am at Cambourne Morrisons this year.......

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On 6/16/2017 at 1:49 PM, BorniteIdentity said:

I've got too many threads running at the moment - and in too many places.  So let's close this thread off now with a footnote to say updates will be in my blog, and in my other 'memoirs' thread.


I’m not looking for thread revival as the story continues elsewhere, but This thread needs to be required reading for the Autoshite curriculum. 

It has it all: A spotter’s icon becomes available, a saviour is needed, lot’s of “I’d buy this tomorrow but…”, descent into “what is Autoshite”, trollage, surprise syndicate purchase, live collection, emotional connection, parts and donations flooding in, live MOT jeopardy, industrious repairs, MOT elation, (forum technical issues), mega road trips, Little Chefs, guest star Granadas, Little Chefs, more parts and maintain-ence, magazine articles, videos, showers of praise - and the story’s still not over for THAT base Sierra.

Here’s to following its continuing life in Autoshite and hopefully more visits to Little Chef!


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On 4/1/2016 at 4:12 PM, BorniteIdentity said:

What. A. Day.  Certainly one I'll never forget.  We left Watford at 10:40 and arrived at exactly Midday.  1 Hour 20 minutes to do 18 miles.  Well done everyone.  As soon as we approached the car, I got 'the feeling'.  Any regular buyer of shite will know 'the feeling': an aggressive state of biliousness paired with the weirdest boner ever.


This was the first moment we got "Eyeball"




There was just time to bid my chauffeur farewell before Skizzer skipped along with that twinkle in his eye that we all know and love.  After we knocked on the wrong door (of a Latvian woman who thought we were amateur bailiffs) we finally made contact with the seller.  He boasted of much interest and many offers, and proceeded to unlock the car.  No central locking? WTF!!  The car started on the first  turn of the key, and after a little encouragement on the throttle it settled down very well.  Once he'd pulled the bonnet cable manually, the engine was revealed and it's in surprisingly good condition.  Then again, it's coated in oil, so that's probably helped immensely.


And that, really, was the full extent of the inspection.  It's sharing oil (I think) from the rocker cover gasket, and depositing some on the road.  Following that solitary remark, we retired to the vendors (seriously impressive) dining room to fulfil the obligations, the deal was done, and we were back on a North London street.  


Skizzer took the wheel first before he returned to public transport, and was very positive about the car.  "A little play in the steering" and "Clutch is a bit high but nothing bad" and that was it.  We were both really excited.


That's a lie.  


See, I had exactly 2 hours to make it to Milton Keynes - and in that time I had to 


A) Not break down

2) Insure it

D) Attend to fluids and fuel.


I bid Skiz farewell and promptly drove off in the wrong direction.  Bollocks.  Heading towards the North Circular, I actually felt a little bit sad.  This car had been a small but (to me) important part of the rich tapestry of London.  Under my stewardship, the Sierra was leaving behind the gritty urban side streets of Clapton for retirement.  I felt a little guilty.  Happy, petrified, but guilty.




With one eye on the time, and one eye on the temperature needle, I missed the first two petrol stations.  The third seemed inviting with it's promise of pez and oil, so in we went.




Aware that I couldn't really drive any further without smiling for the ANPR cameras, I was relieved of £149 by Lancaster Insurance - and was then on my way.


The car is very, very easy to drive.  The driving position is comfortable, the seats are LOVELY and visibility is impeccable.  Whilst I was nervous that it'd FTP at any given moment, I felt really really safe driving it.  Maybe it was the familiarity of a position I studied for years as a child, or maybe I'm just being a soppy old git.  Like my Mercedes 190e, the car is narrow - so threading it through busy suburbs was an absolute breeze.


The North Circular quickly became the M1, and the car just ran like a little sewing machine.  Never a moments bother from anything.  The car is, by modern standards, a little under geared - it seemed happiest at 60mph, so that's where we kept it.  And, to be honest, I'd have kept going long past my exit, as I'm quietly confident it'd just keep on going.


Junctions passed, and as we approached J14 we got our first peep.



Clearly he identified us as fellow winners at life.


Milton Keynes beckoned, and I felt a mixture of both immense relief and satisfaction that the maiden voyage had been completed without a hiccup.



Greg seemed impressed with the car.


As I drove the last mile, I realised why this car (unlike its peers) had survived so long.  It was still absolutely brilliant at performing its primary function: transport.  Yes, it's a curiosity to you and I.  To others it's urban decay and to some it's probably art.  First and foremost, it's still very good at being a motor car.  Whilst my heart smiles now, I also laugh and wince every time I look at it.  


It's shit.


So, to finish, a few thank you's:  Thanks to Skizzer for having the plums when many (including me) did not.  Thanks to JohnK, AngryDicky and Cheggers for also financing the car.  Big thanks to my friend Emma who drove me (she has terminal cancer at 37, but wanted to make me happy) and thanks to you lot.  Here's the honest bit - I'd have run a mile had I turned up there alone.  But with everyone on board it'll be a hoot.


Sorry to sound like a romantic old fart doing his acceptance speech, but we did something good today.  Well bloody done everyone.



Well, gang. Some sad news to report this evening. Emma, whom the car is named after and transported me to the collection point, has been discharged from hospital with the numbing words “there’s nothing more we can do”. She’s hoping to see Christmas, but that feels ambitious. 

To anyone who has just lost a loved one, or who is on the cusp of, my heart goes out to you. My world will always be just a little less colourful henceforth.

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