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Ipswich Bus Rally

Felly Magic

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Well as it was on my doorstep, and had a couple of hours to kill twixt car hunting, I popped down to Portman Road to see what turned up. Lots of Bristols (Fnarr), and yet another bus I used to drive in service now preserved, which is making me feel bloody old! My camera didn't like the overcast conditions, so sadly had to junk about 20 shots. A pretty varied selection, didn't bother snapping the 2 YAWNmasters. The Barbie Scania is one I used to drive, hard to believe that these are now preservation candidates, and 2 of them were there, one ex Ipswich, and a former Norwich bus. 2 Crossleys which are flippin rare, one integral, and the other with Chas Roe body. More are on my Flickr site























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Nice to see the open-top Atlantean still going as I remember riding on that about 15 years ago and it wasn't that young then. The new livery is bloody awful though and it looked so much better in the traditional green and cream it wore at that time.

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some good pics there,and then first go and spoil it with their offering,hardly a classic which they still use round here every day.

The First liveried vehicles that were there are actually in preservation, First Ipswich did turn up with their heritage liveried Volvo B7TL



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