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Cars that you forgot existed!

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16 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

Funny, there are absolutely shitloads of Exeos on the roads over here. If a minicab isn't a Skoda Superb, then it's likely to be a Seat Exeo - in either saloon or estate format.

Never realised they were a bit obscure just over the water. How strange.

I totally never did a search on eBay and AutoTrader during my tea brake after seeing it, Actually think they look neat and would own one over the A4. Out of 70-odd on Auto trader, 2 were petrol. Same story on ebay! Also higher mileage overall then expected...then I remembered that the youngest ones are 6 years old.


It was around long enough to even warrant a mild face-lift! (Lights and Grill)


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