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What's Your Chod Age?

For Fiats Sake

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293, 8 vehicles. Who's going to break 4 figures?

Ask this question on that Pistonheads site, I bet anyone submitting a reply where year count exceeds vehicle count by 50% gets their arse banned.

9+14+12=35 years

Average age = 11.7 years


I think that makes me the youngest so far on average. Uh-oh. Does that put me at risk of being banned on here? :o


At least the total years is more than my age and one of the cars was made before I passed my driving test!

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visa is 35


im not rich like you lot to have lots :P


Money in the bank is inversely proportionate to number of old vehicles owned. However happiness is directly proportionate. :)


Newest car we have is the Peugeot of last resort on a W plate.


16+20+43+46 =125 divided by four = 31.25

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Mr2 1989

LT 1990

Christ! Le-Voyager 02

Renner Yves St.Laurent 03

Mrs CW's 10 Focuzzzz



Average of 17.2


Remove Mrs CW's Folk-curse for an avg of 20


Add niece CW's abandoned/adopted Riley Elf-based timber and angle-iron nonsense with estimated first year of use of 1962, for an average of 23.33


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Three, possibly four of these must be sold, so I can't be arsed to add them up as I'll have to do it all over again. By some miracle they all run. The ones that have to go are A35, Sunbeam 90, Toledo, and maybe LD.


Wait a minute, this lot is owned by me and I wife, does that count?

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