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Project Capri. Door mirrors pg.46.


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Last time I did this, back when it was repainted bronze, I wrapped the body with big thick blankets. Yet I still managed to lean in through the door opening to refit some of the interior and crushed the zip of my fleece jacket into the paint in the door shut/sill area. It caused a tiny scratch, it won't be happening this time!

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Looking forward to pics of this in primer

Roll on Monday then.

I've got the day off work, hopefully I won't feel like death by then though! Fucking cold.


I've also got to mark exactly where I want my aerial hole drilling in the wing, so I'll do that while I'm there.


I can't wait to see it either.

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Roll on Monday then.

I've got the day off work, hopefully I won't feel like death by then though! Fucking cold.


I've also got to mark exactly where I want my aerial hole drilling in the wing, so I'll do that while I'm there.


I can't wait to see it either.


That will be a 'Man Cold' (according to my missus) I have one as well - nothing worse or more evil!


The cold that is, not the missus :-)



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Looking forward to more photos of this epic project, brings back memories of OWY197P, a dark green 1600L with BVR & cream interior, on white Wellers that was in our family when I was a nipper, that car spawned my love for Ford's affordable coupe

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Alright you bunch of bum holes, enough of all this forum moaning! Check this shit out!!


The Capri as it stands right now.


37790014285_e8d6be522a_o.jpgIMG_0914 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


37790010465_e30809a828_o.jpgIMG_0915 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


38677502291_e4b12b378f_o.jpgIMG_0916 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


37790004345_36b6bfbcf7_o.jpgIMG_0917 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


37790000945_13c3ce9732_o.jpgIMG_0918 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


37789998075_dcb21964a0_o.jpgIMG_0919 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


37789992015_a6323371f3_o.jpgIMG_0920 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


It's a bit dusty as there was work going on nearby, but it's unbelievably flat and smoothe. It'll sit like that for a few more days to harden off fully. There's a few minor bits and bobs still to do but the next step will be to finish off seam sealing the shell then apply the undershield protective coating to the underside.

They're getting a local guy who's a Ford dealer and perfectionist, who sold these cars new, to come have a look and show how a few things went on to get that factory applied look! It might seem over the top but we all want this looking spot on!

Ironically, there's a very real chance this specialist would have been the guy who sold this very car when it was new! It's a local car and never left the area...

Then it's paint time!!


I have to say, I'm absolutely over the moon with this car now. The pics really don't do it justice, I walked in and was absolutely gob smacked when I saw it! It's gorgeous and it doesn't even have paint on it yet!

I think the guy doing the work is incredibly proud of it too. He's got every right to be imho. It's nice to see the guys doing the job are as enthused as I am anyway.


Next step for me is to see how the mechanical guy I'm using wants to go about getting the axles and wheels etc back onto it, this will make moving it around much easier so I'll get in touch with him over the next few days. I'm really not looking forward to shifting the engine though! It's got 'bad back' written all over it...

I also require a set of tyres fitting, as these will be needed very soon too.


It's going to be an expensive month!

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Absolutely chuffed to bits for you Dan, especially after all you’ve been through with it. That looks better nailed together than when Ford did it first time round.

Can’t wait for the next stage!

Cheers mate!


I think your right on that, Ford would have done it quick and cheap to get it out the door but it's had many many hours put into it this time.

It's also had a good deal of forward planning and future proofing built into it before it got to this point, so all being well it shouldn't be able to rot anywhere near as easy as would have. It's had no less than 5 coats of epoxy primer onto its bare steel outer surfaces beneath all the normal primer layers, so it's got extra layers but the epoxy stuff will prevent any moisture whatsoever getting to the steel beneath.


Call me sad, but this cars days of being used as a car are well and truly behind it now. It's a garage queen and a toy for nice weather use only from now on. I might even break the habit of a lifetime and take it to a show or two! Who knows!

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They have done a cracking job of that I hope you changed your mind about drilling a hole to fit an aerial. If it was me I would fit one of those stick on ones inside on the windscreen or not have a radio at all, but it is up to you. I am sure if they do drill it they would get it right first time but is it worth the risk.

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They have done a cracking job of that I hope you changed your mind about drilling a hole to fit an aerial. If it was me I would fit one of those stick on ones inside on the windscreen or not have a radio at all, but it is up to you. I am sure if they do drill it they would get it right first time but is it worth the risk.


I've gone for the hole! The radio aerial is the Ford original, a nice little chrome jobbie! Suits it I think, and its original so I want to retain it.

Well, I say original, but it's a Ford part that the cars had for most of its life. This car should be radio-less being the base spec but it's got a really old 'Radiomobile' set up which I do like! The dash blanking plate is missing anyway and I'm unlikely to find a replacement.

The only change here has been the side of the car the aerial is fitted to.

Oddly, before this started the aerial was fitted to the drivers side wing. It should be on the passenger side wing. No idea why or how that ended up happening though?

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I know you shouldn't do this. But I'm going to do it anyway, because I'm interested to know!


Now it's at this stage there's no more metal to be added. Just paint.

Which led me to wonder how much it's cost in new panels so far...


So it's had,


Front crossmember £182.11

Front crossmember closing panel £118.55

Front Valance (complete - genuine Ford) £835

Pair headlamp bowls £250.83 each

Pair front scuttle ends £147.97 each

Pair A post outer panels £362.50 each

Complete rear panel £490.86

Pair outer rear quarter panels £1157.94 each

Pair door skins (1x genuine Ford) £417.48 each

Pair inner sills £114.38 each

Pair half floor pans £233.45 each

Pair outer sills £173.45 each

Pair rear inner arch bowls £510.25 each

Pair rear inner corners £137.44 each

Pair front wings (genuine Ford) £600

N/S door frame (used genuine Ford) £100

Fuel flap door and hinge assembly (used genuine Ford) £25


That lot comes in at nearly £9500!!!!

Obviously that was spent over several years collecting parts and panels so wasn't as noticeable as if you'd done it all in one hit but even so!

Add to that all the many small sheet metal repairs around the car and it starts to become an eye watering figure.

I'll add up the full cost once the cars back and done but I think it's safe to say that this is the sort of job on a car I'll only be doing once as it's an insane financial commitment, even with me doing the majority of the rebuilding work and mechanical stuff myself in my own time.

Goes to show, always buy the best car you can is good advice!

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Having seen the Capri a couple of times lately I can only say it actually does look even better in the flesh.   The epoxy primer is good enough for a top-coat which is exactly what they have done with my Cowley because I didn't want shiny until its all repaired.    This is going to be one hell of a Ford Capri!

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  • danthecapriman changed the title to Project Capri. Door mirrors pg.46.

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      Adjust tracking
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      I will update this thread once progress is made.









      Hopefully these two will become good friends.

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