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Project Capri. Back on the road! New earths.


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Little update. For now!


These turned up in the post.


37000837993_788c7784f5_o.jpgIMG_0710 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


Brand spankin new never fitted stainless wheel centres.

I've already got 4 old ones but two have crusty clips so I'll replace those with the new ones. The two dodgy ones can be spares.

These are seemingly very hard to get hold of now, even used. God knows why!



Also, got a call this morning for a payment. So next week I'll go and pay up and see the car again. And, yes, I'll take the camera!

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New Forest apparently.


Jesus!! That looks rather, erm, fucked I believe the word is!

Shame it's been left outside like that for so long. Desirable car in a desirable spec now.



Not as awesome as a 1.6L though is it!?!




Progress is happening on this, honest! It's just not the sort of progress that's particularly interesting at the moment. Think - watching layers of primers etc etc going on and drying!

Necessary and important but not really what you'd call interesting.

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Ta guys! I've not been to see it for a while tbh. I've been busy with work lately.

The last pics I had I've lost! I took them on my work phone which I had to return for a new Samsung Galaxy something or other and forgot to download the photo album first. Bit of a bitch and stupid on my part.


I'll try to go see it and get some more soon though...


What I'll also do, when this comes back the guy doing the work has been taking lots of photos as he's gone along. He showed me a few, but he's going to put them on a memory stick for me at the end. Once I've got it all back I'll stick the entire back story up on here which will show everything from cutting out the rot and damage, replacement panels going back in and right through the primers and finally paint.


I have seen the Capri!   Looked like it was in guide coats yesterday which showed off nicely how straight that shell is....


Excellent! You've seen it much more recently than I have then! I take it you dropped your Morris down there? It's in good hands with Steve.

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Yes, Dan....Capri was moved near the double doors instead of to the left.   Cowley dropped off and should be back mid-December.   Miss it already, had a good run down on a cracking day - always hard to hand over the keys when its like that!


I know! It's getting on for two years now since I last had my Capri! I hate not having it.

It's for the best though long term.

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Got a call yesterday, all the prep and primer etc is done. There was a slight issue which made things rather irritating and more difficult, it's obviously cost a bit more in time and labour but it's critical that it was done right and well.

Basically, whoever blasted the car in the first place has completely fucked up the cars roof skin.

It's been blasted way too hard for too long (excessive heat build up on the thin steel panel) which has warped it!

It's by no means beyond help but it just meant much more time was needed to fix it than we thought. It's now done though after many many hours of straightening and carefull filler work.

The ripples weren't immediately obvious when the car was in etch primer but now it's perfectly flat and smooth if any paint had gone on it with any ripples it would have looked awful! The paint and light reflections would have really shown them up.

The bonnet also had similar issues, though not as bad.


So far then the entire car has been checked for any imperfections, these have either been tapped out and smoothed off or on any tiny marks filler used.

Even on brand new panels you'd be surprised how many little dings and marks there are!

Then the car was given 3 or 4 coats of a weird black epoxy primer. I've never seen this stuff before but apparently it's much more protective than normal primer alone. Not being a bodywork guru myself I'm no expert, but more layers = better surely!

That was left to thoroughly dry then the guide coats and primers went on top. The whole lot was then left to stand and fully harden for a couple of weeks just in case of any shrinkage in the primer.


I'm told it's absolutely stunning even in primer! Perfectly smooth and flat all over.

The guy doing the job wants me to come see it asap before painting starts so I can just 'ok' it all before it goes beyond any sort of opportunity to change anything.

He says there's a couple of bits of sealing up left to do but painting body colour should be starting within days!


I was going to go see it today, but I feel like shit with a nasty cold so I'll go Monday now. I'll get some pics while I'm at it. I've also got to pay the last bill.

In total it's gone over budget a little bit, but given the extent of the work and the unexpected issues with the roof I'm still more than happy with it. Tbh I did expect that as it's a very big job on a very old car.


The only other thing that's still being done is the under seal.

Choices were using that rubbery undershield stonechip stuff modern cars use in either:


Heavily applied and thick form, gives obviously better protection but can look a bit rough.


Thinner 'factory' look in same material.


Given this car will live in a garage, not come out in rain or be used in winter I decided to go for the factory look. It'll look much better like this I think.

Of course once thats on it will be overpainted in the same body colour so it'll look as good underneath as it does on top!


So, watch this space on Monday for a pictorial update!

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Given that this will be a 10 grand+ car finished (and rising) , it's money well spent really.


It's a 1600XL isn't it?


The original steels and no coachlines is a great look. make sure you get some correct pressed alloy plates for it though. A mate can do you all the under bonnet stickers and a proper rear window dealer sticker as well.




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The plates that came off the car were the ally plates with riveted plastic digits. I might reuse them as they're still in good condition.

That would be exactly what I would do, the retro reflective ones you can get all seem to be perceptibly "reproduction" in some minor way.



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I must admit, I'll be seriously relieved once the paint and bodywork is all finished. It's such a huge undertaking and it takes forever to get done right. Plus, doing it to this level is a serious financial commitment!

Once that bits finished I can plod through the reassembly at my own pace without the stress!


It'll be a massive milestone met once it's in paint too.

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Dunno about that,

refitting a freshly painted car is very stressful.

One lapse of concentration,or the slip of a spanner or screwdriver can cause havoc,and ruin a lot of hard work.

True. I meant in respect of not having to worry about paying big bills all the time! It's been better since the current place have been doing the work though, the other place it was really getting me down and causing a lot of stress over it.


I think I'll be leaving it largely alone for a month or two once it's back home. Let the paintwork harden up fully and also let finances recover a bit!

Though I'd still like it on the road for summer 2018.

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You need wing protectors, blankets, anything, to cover the bits you aren't working on, and around the bits you are.

If you need a lift, wait for someone, don't try to do it on your own.

One job at once and take twice the time you would normally.

Beware brake fluid leaks.

No matter how much care you take something always happens.

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Last time I did this, back when it was repainted bronze, I wrapped the body with big thick blankets. Yet I still managed to lean in through the door opening to refit some of the interior and crushed the zip of my fleece jacket into the paint in the door shut/sill area. It caused a tiny scratch, it won't be happening this time!

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