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Those wheels are Enkie's, quite sought after on the basis of being expensive at the time as they're well made, tough and also light. Well worth the effort to refurb them!
They could do with proper sandblasting and then a powder coat. This though should cost me £40 and a few hours which leaves money for shiny things

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We left the wheels primed last night andeft to go off.

Today was time to do the colour

I bought a waterproof table cloth to try and protect the bench a bit more. It was a partial success

Primed wheels

Starting to dust some coats

Doing the underneath

Also did the centre caps with a little of colour funk

Come out alright. Definitely 10 yarders it not bad.

I also picked up a pair of lower front arms to sort out and poly bush to fit.
These are miles less rusty than last lotso not going to do too much.

Took off the balljoint and other bolts

Quick go over with wire wheel and brake cleaner

Then the glass reinforced chassis paint to protect them

Couple of coats

Looking good - need polybushing and then is ready to swap over.

Also did the ramps I was given by my neighbour. They had rust spots so wire brush back and then coated in paint to give them another 50 years of life.b


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What you really need is a bright green MX5 now to show those wheels off
I thought it was going beige?
Someone is looking for anything to do/paint to avoid a PhD assignment.
Ermm .. that may still be waiting to be started... Tomorrow...
The wheels look good, as do the ramps. 
Cheers. Lacquer to do, then tyres on and on the car. Will do the steels that are currently on the car once I have them off

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The downside to buying stuff from eBay is that sometimes you lack instructions etc.

All my polybushes turned up in a box with no leaflet or markings as to where the bushes go. In my ignorance I assumed that there would be a few different sizes that would be obvious.

Of course not, but I only found that out after sticking a few in.

Not only that but the inner tubes were loose and these differ as well. Fucksticks

Perfect fit

Wrong sized bush

Same same but different

You can see the slight variances here.


I think it is time for digital calipers and some slow methodological work

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Pug tickling

Before the 205 can go in for an MOT it needs the bulbs changing for the warning lights

The bulbs came today and were fitted. I took opportunity to use Northern Monkeys advice and solder in the dash lights.

Iron out

I decide to use led bulbs so needed to work out polarity before fitting them

Soldered in series e16082176bcbffd1b5da06e2a1ea02f5.jpg

And tidied up

I was still having contact issues on the dash due to the tracks being a bit pants. I thought I would add some solder to see if that would fix it.

Old manky tracks

Solder flowed on them

Put back together

Boom - full set of lights

As I was putting back together I though I would test the switches... The horn had stopped working

This might be part of it


Took them off and taped them up but still no joy. Checking and the horn connection is only seeing 6v ISH.

So gave up at that point

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I’m sure there’s a testers notice somewhere that states a horn is not required if the vehicle is fitted with a cherry bomb  
That also means if someone needs warning of my presence I just need to rev the car!

I may have ordered a horn button and going to fit it somewhere on the dash.

The feed to the horn is only getting 6v which isn't enough to either trigger the relay or activate the horn.

So instead will fit a fused horn button - will also fit a fused 12v socket for phone chargers.

Get it, fit it, MOT it.

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Northern monkey motors was visited this morning to do these things

He kindly slapped the tyres on whilst telling me about his current car buying ban .. before giving me 101 ideas of all the cars I can purchase.

Back home I went from this
To this

The tyres on mini steels will become autotesting tyres.


I need to repaint the wheels - I have got silver in the garage but I reckon someone will want me to paint them another colour.

I left it idling as the battery was flat due to flipping alarm.
Just as I was mocking 320touring for his coolant issues I noticed this

No fan action either. Engine off and bonnet open to cool down. 9dbf73eabefc0be503a72fe8b7ae9b3f.jpg

I couldn't see anything obvious so took it for a spin which fixed the fan - love a free fix.

The difference with the new tyres and brake brace is immense. It shows how knackered the dampers are - once o sort out the bushes I can get the suspension swapped over.

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Puglet got a little touching today as the horn button showed up


Found a blank bit of trim to fit it to - drilled a hole

Thought I had better fit a fuse just in case

Looking at the car I decided to use the feed from the back of the indicator switch to power the horn. It was only getting 6v normally so I took a perm live feed from the stereo, to the button then fuse then back of the indicator stalk

All seems good - it means I don't have to run extra wires through bulkhead.

Trim fitted back in

I don't think it looks too bad.

Steering wheel on

So many bits of trim have been cracked from being old plus people fiddling before - the car is never going to be a concourse example.

Go to start the car and bumhats

The coolant warning light and stop light have stopped working again. A secondhand binnacle is only £15 so will go that route.

For every Yang there is a Ying - 5 bhp added


Next up is MOT time. It's a toss up between getting it done this week or waiting until I am back from holiday in a couple of weeks. If it goes in this week and fails then time will be tight to get it retested unless it is something simple.

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Man says no


Front brake and rear brake are registering no real effort - handbrake is a bit sticky and one of brake pipes is crispy.

May leave it to payday then do the whole lot. Pair of calipers is only £70

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14 hours ago, snagglepuss said:

Front brake and rear brake are registering no real effort - handbrake is a bit sticky and one of brake pipes is crispy.

You loaned me a potential deathtrap! I'm going to write a letter to my MP about this. Then I'm setting Lynn Faulds Wood, Dom Littlewood, Ally McBeal and Edward Woodward on you.

In all SRSNS, the brakes felt okay to me. The car managed to stop for everything I wanted it to stop for, planned or unplanned, and they didn't feel much worse than the brakes on my AX.

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