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Today has been most enjoyable - I love tinkering with cars.

Still having issues with forum so will do words then upload all the pics.

Golfs turn today.  Firstly the secondhand sensor turned up for the diesel temp sensor.  The old one had sheared off so ordered a whole sensor off eBay. There are two wires to the sensor and I wanted to connect it for now to check I have got them right way round so waygos applied for now.

MIL is out so will see how I get on and solder/heat shrink them later if they are the right ones.



Next up was the door locks.  The rear passenger door didn't lock and the drivers side would lock on the remote but not unlock.
Door locks are cheap at £18 each which were delivered during the week.
Interestingly you take the door skin off rather than the interior.
The first door took over an hour with fiddling.

One of the door bolts holding on the lock rounded so I ended up getting tools on it.

Sadly I had just bought a new aldi angle grinder (it was cheaper than a 5amh battery for my Ryobi one) so that got thrust into action. Finally got it out and need to get a new one.


Put all the door back together then found some missing bits so had to take it apart again, then I couldn't get the weather proof cover on so had to take the window bolts off.


Driver's side one took 15 minutes - even with one of the bolts rounding (used chiesel and hammer this time) anyone want a hand doing a Mk5 door lock I am your man. They are a piece of piss!


Then took the rover for a quick spin to bleed the system - it is a lovely car. Argghh too many cars and not enough time. 



















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10 minutes ago, Skizzer said:

You take the door skin off?? Wow.  That’s almost Citroen levels of weirdness.

It's odd but in lots of ways it works well.  You aren't trying to get things through small sharp openings.

Now I have got the knack it is a pretty quick thing to do.

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It looks like the cover of a Haynes manual!

If it works it can't be too bad, and it looks better that feeding your hand through an apature in the door from the door card side, and contorting to reach something that's obscured by a reinforcment beam or window regulator.

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Can't believe how easy that lock module change looks,  my VAG knowledge trails off after 2004 and I genuinely had no idea the doorskin came off like that on Mk5's!

Unfortunately Mk4's are a bit of a pain, I wish it were as simple as mine's properly busted..... I've got a module that's been sat in the shed for literally months, I must get round to doing it soon.

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4 hours ago, Broadsword said:

Wow, that was unexpected. Another very red car. I know literally nothing about these! Do give us a full report soon!

Same here but thought it ticks the boxes.


Missus Puss only likes to drive autos and finds the Getz a bit of a pez guzzler plus 99% of the time it is her in the car. She also finds getz a bit of a pain to park.


When this popped back up for sale I had to pounce.   After looking at tickets and working out my schedule BDS was engaged.

Montytom was an absolute gent making sure it was good to go and sorting out details with BDS.

At 8 this morning I had a big man and a smoll car on my doorstep. He had favourable things to say about the car.


After taking it round the block a few times it is an odd thing. The auto / manual gear change takes a bit of getting used to.  I find it better with flappy paddles than leaving it to its own devices.


Missus Puss isn't so sure. She finds the steering a little heavy compared to he Getz. On flip side she loves the potentially cheap running costs, the ease to park and the looks. I think her Scottishness will win and money will talk.

I had assumed these were PAS but Montytom told me otherwise hence feeling a bit heavier than getz.


Hopefully by the end of the day a decision will be made and either a SMART or a Getz will be up for sale. 


I have been told that if the SMART stays I can also keep the little pug so fingers crossed!


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treat it like a bike and let off slightly when you change gear and it doesnt lurch as much

remember when easycar rented these

hired these and a class while getting over a bike accident 

🤣 big man in a smol car (needed pics of bucket in it or yourself :D )

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Wow, haven't caught up on this thread for a while - lots happening.

Great work on the Rover! Well worth saving, though it has been a lot of work.

My gob dropped open when I saw the door skin off the Golf - clever idea but looks a bit serious!

Glad to see the little Smart has come up North, was wondering who'd bought that. They are belting little things, mine has been part of the furniture (partner's car originally) for 13 years. The "auto" box responds much much better when you're used to it and know what it is likely to do, and when. The ones with (electric) PAS are apparently a bit too light and lacking feel. Do check the tyre pressures as that will make a massive difference, it shouldn't be heavy. There are (IIRC) two steering UJ's that could perhaps account for the heavy steering. Do check the front ball joints as they can and do go, and I seem to remember this one had a knock of some sort. Also check the breather pipe at the top of the engine, there is a valve which can clog and cause oil use.

I use this lot for parts, if what you're after isn't listed then drop them an email - they're very helpful:


If you end up keeping the car for a while then this website is worth it's weight in gold, IMHO:


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All good info thanks. 
I don't think the steering is that bad, just coming from the Getz it feels heavy. I think she will forget about it once she drives it.


Just been for a motorway trundle and missus Puss was impressed.  Apparently a northern monkey needs to have a look at it tomorrow just to check it over then it will be a keeper.


I can do a photo blog thing of all the funky parts.


Got a couple questions for anyone that knows these wee beasties

1) if lights are left on is there a noise to tell you they have?

2) what's best way to get a spare key?


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59 minutes ago, snagglepuss said:

Got a couple questions for anyone that knows these wee beasties

1) if lights are left on is there a noise to tell you they have?

2) what's best way to get a spare key?



Should be a lights on noise, well there is on mine anyway. Seems to come from the under dash/fusebox area but I haven't investigated further.

To get a spare key I'd suggest looking up a kit called the Delphi DS150 on ebay. This can code keys to the later (2003 onwards) models. You just have to buy the key on the 'net. Not sure if Timpsons could clone the existing key (that'd be easier but I don't think they can), but the Delphi kit does lots of useful stuff that may come in handy. Would suggest avoiding the later Bluetooth only models as the B/T aspect can be more difficult to set up than the good old USB cable arrangement. Failing that, it's a dealer or independant specialist job as STAR machine/software is required.


ETA: SiC programmed a key to the Roadster he had for a while using Delphi. so he may be able to advise further.

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IMG_20190506_103409811.thumb.jpg.a3f3453173bbb7dff18478169a425ce5.jpgIMG_20190506_112803434.thumb.jpg.3f959e98f13c3ccf815623b44e7f3825.jpgIMG_20190506_112826071.thumb.jpg.8b3bcc7303a784d38eb63474fe5fa77d.jpgIMG_20190506_112836404.thumb.jpg.8c25d6d287b34acc9fed006c50d36746.jpgIMG_20190506_113013733.thumb.jpg.2bd17c7e713a491c7cbd236b41bf0791.jpgIMG_20190506_113020560.thumb.jpg.b8af337e3eba856fbb7b9428677aa51a.jpgIMG_20190506_113225181.thumb.jpg.fae60c8b74b151239348c46fe699a27b.jpgIMG_20190506_113244676.thumb.jpg.271ba914fe1cddf8d842a94116fac289.jpgIMG_20190506_113248222.thumb.jpg.e4489b105706377668e5a54cf73a27d9.jpgTime to poke at the new car


Northern monkey kindly lent me his ramp to have a look.

To do list is

Set of front discs and pads

Engine mounts

Leak from turbo

Drop links

Set of tyres


Overall not bad.  It looks like the oil use is a leak from the Turbot which is a better result than oil rings. 






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45 minutes ago, snagglepuss said:

Overall not bad.  It looks like the oil use is a leak from the Turbot which is a better result than oil rings.

Lucky I did not know the high oil consumption was only a leak or I would have raced you for it and I had a head start!


Hold on, the same man would have collected it!

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