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Snagglepuss Motors - Wheely good

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I don't think this will be going anywhere as it becomes Missus Pusses daily. I am hoping that a little bit of fettling it will be good for many years.

As for Dibs I think currently there are 3 in the queue!



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Belter. The oil leak is a serious win! Makes this even more of a bargain.

Nothing scary on the to-do list, if I may offer one or two tips:

- brake discs and pads. Piece of cake, but you will need an E socket (think thats just female torx), E18 from memory, to remove the pad carrier to allow the disc to come off. Pads just need 13 and 17mm spanners. 15mm socket for the wheels, T30 bit for the brake disc retaining screw. Plenty of E/torx stuff on these.

- drop links. Bit of a pain. The upper fixing will come off fine, the lower nut will not. It faces the road and gets all the water/salt/crap. You won't manage to counter hold it as it'll be too corroded. Best approach IMHO is get a windy/impact gun on it then (you may be lucky with a standard ratchet), assuming you manage to move the nut even a little bit before it siezes on the rust, push upwards on the thread. This will give a bit of room to allow you to cut the thing off just below the joint on the top of the wishbone. Pic of what I did hopefully below. ETA Northern NGJ Monkey Leeds will prob have relevant tools and experience to make this much easier than I found it!

From memory the turbo oil feed is two pipes that enter at the bottom of the unit, almost facing the ground. There is a gasket here (or should be) so perhaps this has failed. For reference, this is the pipe you're looking for:


It looks like it has had a sump with a drain plug fitted, which is a great addition. As standard the oil has to be sucked/pumped out of the dipstick hole. Use a decent quality oil filter, I've seen a number of cases of cheapo items breaking up.

What style were the spare alloys you got with it, out of interest?

drop link 2.JPG

drop link 3.JPG

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All good info - Mr northern monkey is going to be sorting the bits when I am off in Thailand in July so I won't have to worry about that !

I have only got 3 of the wheels here the rest are in Plymouth as Montytom is holding on to them for me until I can get down to collect.  They look to be in good condition.

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Oh I am so sorry I never realised it had all these problems i feel awful now. (I never meant to dupe you) if you want me too I can transfer some money back to help pay for the Bill's. Again I'm so sorry

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8 minutes ago, montytom said:

Oh I am so sorry I never realised it had all these problems i feel awful now. (I never meant to dupe you) if you want me too I can transfer some money back to help pay for the Bill's. Again I'm so sorry

Sent you a PM - honestly mate I am over the moon with the car.

It's all bits that all cars need doing - it keeps me out of mischief 😀😀

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30 minutes ago, snagglepuss said:

Sent you a PM - honestly mate I am over the moon with the car.

It's all bits that all cars need doing - it keeps me out of mischief 😀😀

Ahh thankyou I just didn't want people thinking that I did that on purpose. Thanks again

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And the Getz has gone to another AS.




Little bit sad about it to be honest, I hadn't realised how much I liked the fact it was low hassle, easy to drive and never let me down.


In between rain showers I decided to fit a new earth strap to the little Mazda. It has been having little electric issues (mainly due to the PPF frame earth has broken) but when I checked the battery earth it looked a bit manky with slightly frayed wires.


New cable was £3 from Halfords so seemed rude not to.







The new one is a wee bit better wrapped



Plans for this weekend are to fix mx5 earth underneath, swap in poly drop link bushes, do 14 degree timing mod and if I get a chance change front ball joints plus tie rods.


The new hood is doing its job and the car is nice and dry inside which is great!

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Mx5 fettling at the house of northern monkey.

First up was to fix the dodgy earth. It had snapped off the PPF.

I had bought some new earth rings plus heat shrink

Man applied fire


Cleaned up


Sadly it hasn't fixed the earth fault. I think I am going to have to have dash out to sort that.

Next on the job list was polybushing the drop links. They had been knocking a bit and were an advisory.

Unbolted - bit manky

NM is a whizz at getting old bush out

Poly pushed in

And fitted with new bolts (slightly too long I know)

Drive home showed what a difference they made. No more knocks or bangs!

Whilst we were at it - ball joints and TRE.


TRE old and new

The balljoint on the drivers side put up a fight. Wouldn't yield to hammer blows, first splitter


Fork it

Job jobbed.
More work

Excellent job.

I had an odd noise driving home from having the hood fitted. We had fitted an odd bolt last week so to eliminate that we swapped in same bolts

Rattle gun improvisation


All fitted987b84a7885c83e1dd98c77161fa5e4b.jpg

Other issues to sort - earth issue, battery drain issue,exhaust is running against rear bumper and need to change top dust covers on front ball joints. Also thinking of changing all the new bolts for stainless items to avoid rustage.

We put the little car up on the ramps and ran it in gear to see if we could find the noise. It was very quiet and nothing obvious.

On the way home the noise started again. I think dust shield on the brakes are rubbing at the front - so that is next port of call.

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Great result. Is that your own lift?
Nope - Northern Monkey lets me borrow his. Its invaluable in getting stuff done quickly, well plus the professional experience and impact gun :-)

We are doing autotesting next weekend so needs to be in decent fettle for that. I also need to slip a stereo in as Mr N Monkey doesn't do silence on his runs!

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MX5/Eunos are the ultimate in terms of the pleasure principle,  fun vs cash spent there's literally nothing that comes close for me.

I think I'd actually had 8 of them by the time I sold the last one, if things were different life wise I'd be driving them now but times change! I'd like to think in another 20 years time I'll be growing old disgracefully and razzing round in a ropy Mk4.


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Last night having beers and pondering the strange mx5 noise I realised I had upgraded the front brakes. When you do this you have to trim the back plates because otherwise they run on the bigger discs.

Guess what I hadn't done! With the hood being fitted I had forgotten I had done them. Time to rectify it today

Bits at the ready588b3b3dd498b0e9dd6ae97d746c6a7f.jpg

Backing plates are a bit rusty but not too bad.

My new aldi grinder (cheaper than a new battery for my Ryobi one) plus full face shield - after having explained to me how much fun* having metal picked out of you eyes is I have started being a bit more careful

Other side
You can see here the issue
I guess this counts as weight reduction as well

Took it for a spin and noise is gone! I call that fixed :-)

Sadly the electrical issue hasn't sorted itself. Looks like someone has been in there before

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Just hanging down under the dash on passenger side - I think I am going to have the have the dash out to get to the bottom of it all.

Will remove the immoboliser at the same time - although may replace it with a different one.

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dash out is a horrible job, when I was stripping the v-spec, I tried to take the dash out to paint but gave up and just masked and painted in situ. good luck :)


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Took the mx5 for a spin which was very grin worthy.

I tried to have a look at the wiring.

These are the boxes dangling down

Googlefu brings up a post saying these were Mazda fitted alarm things.

This wiring is a bit scary

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if they are genuine mazda, they are a disgrace :( what if you just disconnect the boxes and see what happens ? 

mine had those little ultrasonic things stuck to the top corners of the windscreen - I carefully* took them off and binned them, the alarm still works (I think) 

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Reading mx5nutz it seems these are factory fit boxes ( to control windows and central locking) that once they stop working people replace with a new immobliser plumbed into the system.

This is what I suspect has happened. So aftermarket system tied tot the Mazda finish line.

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