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I like the rapid tinkering progress on the 205, looks like a decent daily hack. That's precisely the kind of fault diagnosis I enjoy the most, just very methodical stuff without having to take half the car to bits. Must be a pretty frugal car. Will it polish to down to one or two shades of red? Also interesting to see inside one of those jump packs. To be honest my main complaint with them is that if you buy one off the shelf it might already have quite an old battery in it, and then they spend most of the time on the shelf at home anyway by which time the battery may well be dead when you need it. Your solution of changing the battery yourself is a good option to buying another unit.

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I think that is what happened with mine, the battery would charge but wouldn't jump start. The new battery was £28 delivered so a reasonably cheap fix. It's quite nice having the compressor on the pack. Also means not chucking something away.


Paint work is least of my concerns. I would be tempted to have a go at Rustoleum on it to create a single finish as it is never going to be a show winner.


I think it will be more frugal with veg. Asda is £3.75 for 5 l so it will be worth stocking up on that I think once it is up and running.

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To reward myself with having written some of my assignment I got to fit the relay kit for the headlights


This is a useful thing if the headlights are a bit pants as it puts 12v straight to them through a relay


First you remove the old connector and fit the new one


Then find an earth point. I have just trial fitted it at the moment, it will be removed and fitted more tidly when I get a chance.




The other side by the battery is chockablock with wiring and a fuse box.



Headlamp this side is broken so will need to be replaced before the MOT


Yellow caps off as I really dont like them



Plugged into the back of the headlight then the live run to the battery through some relays and a 30amp fuse. d9f6f13835adc9c6c4c4411145f3684f.jpg


All great ... Except main beams didn't work. The relay clicked but no lighting.


Checked the norm light connection




That looks ok. Main beam time



Ahhh that might be the problem.


Looking at the relay block the power feed for the main beam comes from the centre of relay one to feed the power side of relay two.



Check the relays -



No middle prongs hence no power getting through.


Fuse out



Snip clip and waygoed








Jobs left on pug


Bleed brakes

Run wiring for the horn

Secure the battery

Replace headlight and align it



Back to the assignment

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So how do you fixed an MOT failure... By doing this




I will rewind a bit. As seen above the MOT failure list wasn't massive but niggling.


NJGleeds had kindly agreed to help with the Rover 820 today. Sadly I hadn't got the right cambelt and after checking sources one couldn't be found.


So after MOT I popped round to borrow the ramp to see how bad the fail was.







the bracket had pretty much disintegrated. It was in a awkward spot right by the fuel filler and next to the tank. Meaning heat wasn't an option.


Second best is Mr Leeds and a massive breaker bar. This resulted in two snapped nuts, then two more that could slowly be worked out. The final one was an absolute arse.







We luxoed it with a smaller socket, the I drove home to get my Irwin bolt removers but no joy.


Ever the salesman, Mr Leeds offered me the keys to a Mondeo he was looking to scrap, but felt it was too good.


It had eau de Theshadow and engine warning light due to turbo actuator not working. But it drove nicely without DMF issues.


Over a cup of tea a plan was hatched to swap the lancer for the mondeo.


The lancer has been left in his capable hands... .dd499770fa84fc54bfe29e029a067c39.jpg


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Previously on Snagglepuss Presents...


Lancer failed the MOT, it was attempted to be fixed, then was swapped for a stinky Mondeo with a Turbot fault....


All was good in the world, the Mondeo was going to be a nice run around for the next few months.




Then this morning when cold



Oh bugger.



it's just one of those things.









So yes, I sold the golf to NJGleeds needing a clutch and DMF, I then swapped a lancer for the Mondeo, then the Mondeo came out in DMF sympathy so theoretically swapped it back for the lancer, before doing a deal to buy the fixed golf off him.


Two days and three cars.



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This afternoon I took the opportunity to fettle the little pug


The brakes were properly poo - pushed them and gradually you would slow down.


Up in the air and first time to look underneath





Reckon these might get an MOT advisory



The noise maker



Wheels off






First side came apart and was cleaned up. It was quite rusty under it all. The discs weren't that shiny and looks like the the calipers are sticking a bit.


Other side wouldn't come undone - we decided that discretion was the best part of valour, so fitting kit ordered and will be sorted another day.





Brakes were bled through which helped a lot.


After that it was time to investigate the headlight/horn.


Found the horn connectors




Tested and it gives 12v - so looks like the issue was the horn



The Mondeo one is going to be removed before it is scrapped to fix that bit.


Whilst we were in there we found this



Any ideas what it is for?


The passenger side headlight is knackered, the plastic side side locating lug is snapped so may have to just buy a new one.


To celebrate the pug decided not to indicate - replaced bulb not cigar. NJGleeds worked his magical electrical fingers and discovered the connectors were shit. Chopped off and replaced with spade connectors it is fixed for now.



Looking at the other engine bay connectors it is probably worth swapping them all if I can. Most of them are corroded and manky causing issues.


One thing that has stopped working is the oil pressure and STOP light on the dash.



Current issue list


MOT failures


No horn

Passenger Headlight

Handbrake/brake fluid light not turning on


General stuff

Throttle cable is sticking - needs removing and cleaning

Front brake discs, pads and probably calipers

Rear brake overhaul

Driver's door lock changing

Interior fan intermittent

Dash bulbs don't work

Change the exhaust (it gets loud a lot.)

Put stereo in

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Some great updates as always.


This has to be one of my favourite threads here, there's always something happening. As your an NA diesel perv the 205 particularly tickles my pickle.

Glad it is of some enjoyment to someone :-)


Had a bit of a battle tonight as Miss SP said I shouldn't be keeping the 205. At begining of the year I apparently agreed that I would have a sensible car and the mx5. The 205 is neither of those things.


She gave many logical arguments as to why it shouldnt be part of the household... I had to stamp my feet and moan.


I won (the battle, probably not the war).


This 205 is ace. Even NJGleeds neighbour who ignores the usual coming and going of child came over a few times to have a look.


Mr Leeds himself grins when it is near him - there is just something about an honest straight forward car.


The ultimate plan is to get all the niggles sorted and sell the golf. That would mean the pug being my daily.


I will need a working heater, electrical bits and brakes for that to happen.

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I only ever had the cherry bomb put on because I couldn't be arsed waiting to find a proper exhaust for it, did order one at the time but it had the wrong fitting. In a weird way though, I didn't think it sounded that bad, considering it's an NA IDI diesel. Definitely heard worse pez motors. Can understand that not everybody would want to drive about in a manky 205 that makes an absolute fucking racket though  :-P

Glad you agree that it's a pretty straight, honest car though. It's not perfect by any means, but considering its backstory and the life it's lived it's doing well. I hope to see this car again in the metal one day when you've properly sorted it. 

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Nothing to see here....




Well maybe a little thing.






Mondeo of mankiness was removed under warranty* and instead a golf was hand delivered.


Have a shit photo.



I know it might not be the thing to do here, but wow. I quite like it. Everything works (that's a first), decent amount of power with decent tyres handles ok.


I didn't expect to like to, but it is a rather nice car. It has cruise, AC and bits and bobs. No computer though which is odd. I get why people stick to the brand.


Pretty much fsh although interior is a bit worn and stained (but no map of Africa). New Luk clutch and DMF fitted by NjGleeds motors.


Quite fancy a remap - will add that to the never fucking going to do it pile as many things need fixing first.


Although it is 2004 it feels far newer than that and doesn't feel very AS. I guess driving a pug with cherry bomb diesel then this couldn't be more different.

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Crazy to think that this is on an '04 reg, my silver Mk4's an '04 too and yet this looks light-years more modern!


Golfs get a bad rap on here which is slightly unfair IMO. They're robust, pleasant to drive, not bad to work on and cheap and easy to get parts for. While everything else round me car wise goes to shit I always feel comfortable that the Golf will start and get me to where I need to be with minimal fuss.

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Golf keeps surprising me.


Serviced today with Mr Leeds for total sum of £50 ISH, including oil, air, fuel filters and wipers changed.


Also found out it has VW connect. I had never heard of this before. My brother said he got it with the car.


So it is basically an OBD2 connector plus a VW app.


Some of the things you can see on the app









It's pretty neat and can book services or oil changes with the dealer. Has got the Vin number and car details.


Nice little touch really.


Ordered a new driver light switch as the old one is really worn - £7 delivered - that is bargainous.


The total interior needs a deep clean. Will do some interior shots when I get a chance.


As it stands I have got a golf, fsh, brand new Michelins all round, new clutch and DMF with MOT till December for £550.


Everything works which is unusual for me.

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    • By Fumbler
      To mark the genesis of my fleet project thread I here present my new car: a 1997 Nissan Micra Shape-

      It really looks that good. There is a reason for this: its previous owner was an old lady who loved the thing so much so she made every effort to keep it in good shape. It originally came from Fleet in the GU postcode which suggests to me it was bought by the present dealer at auction, hence arriving down here in Kent. Before seeing the car I checked its MOT history and its only fails were thanks to broken stoplights, which shows me that it was very well cared for. I suppose an example of this was that on the last MOT, an advisory was a corroded rear silencer. The silencer on the car when I saw it was new. Methinks the lady wanted to keep it as good as possible. It was kept in a garage and so all the bumpers and black trim are very black and the tyres are in very good condition. Spare never used! Also included a free Dettol first aid kit from 1997.
      This car has 15000 genuine miles on the clock. We clocked over 15000 during the test drive! The lady owner really only trundled around her village in it and the MOT shows that it only did some meagre miles between tests. This, of course, came at a price. We saw a cherry red Micra from 2002 at the same dealer. Paint was shoddy and when they washed it the boot had massive sections of bare metal and it wasn't very happy. This car, however, is in fabulous condition and there was no contest between the two cars- it really is that good, inside and out. Immaculate interior, driver's airbag, cassette player... all there and all functioning (apart from cassette thanks to new battery and failed display). This meant that I bought it for £1600, £100 over what was my uppermost limit, but I knew I wouldn't see another like this that was in as good shape for a fair while. It was priced very ambitiously, at £1990, so I'm content in the fact I managed to slash a few hundred off the price. There wasn't that much paperwork though. All the dealership received was the logbook with 3 service stamps from 1998, 1999 and 2000, the radio key pass, a National Trust sticker, and the original paperwork holder. I suspect the old lady died and had her car auctioned, and the massive file of paperwork is now someone's egg carton, along will everything else she owned.

      As always, this car isn't exactly in showroom condition. While the inside is great and the floor is solid, and the underseal is in great shape, the not undersealed parts need a small looking at. Mainly the rear of the driver's side sill. It's really the only bubbling on the car. I suspect a well aimed stonechip managed to fester over the wintery salted roads, making it rust even more. It's around the size of a 5p piece, and will give me the opportunity to spray the insides of the sill with some chain oil to prevent any further corrosion. Behind the fuel tank there are a few rusty joints- places where the spraygun cannot get paint onto- which some Vactan and Dynax should put to rights. Alternator belt looks original because of the cracking and Nissan badges and will need doing soon as well as the front plate. As much as I like the 90's font and original dealer surround, the dishevelled R and general water ingress is a persistant MOT advisory. It could be the MOT station being strict (and most likely is considering there's a Saxo down the road with far worse blackening), however for the sake of peace of mind and all that, I'll get a new one made. The rear has already been replaced indicating this has happened before.
      All in all, I think this is a nice plucky motor. I'll have it by the end of the week; just got to sort out tax, insurance, and it's going to have an MOT. As part of the deal it's getting the MOT and an oil and filter change which will be something ticked off the list. It has some love scratches and chips here and there, but it drives well, is stiff and controllable, and should make out to be a nice summer project!
    • By PhilA
      Well, here we go again. I bit the bullet and bought me this.


      It's still up at the lot right now, there will be a miniature Collection Thread embedded in this thread when I go fetch it. Hopefully if the weather's good, that'll be this weekend.
      So, what is it?
      As the title suggests, it's a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain.
      It's got a flat-head straight eight hiding in the engine bay, 4.4 litres of it. It's bolted to a 4-speed Hydra-Matic Drive gearbox. No torque converter on this one, just a fluid coupling. 116 horses at a screaming 3700 RPM, 240lb/ft at 2000. It idles at 375 RPM. Redline just shy of 4k.
      Did I mention it's quite big? Sixteen foot eight from end to end and it seats six people in comfort. Every door has a quarter-light, too. Comfort is provided by properly sized tyres and (quite surprisingly for the age of it) double independent wishbone front suspension. Steering is via worm/wheel steering box so is moderately direct and the brakes are hydraulic drums all round. Modern and scientific!
      It's an honest example; looks to have had a "restoration" about 15-20 years back and the rust is coming through the seams and filler. The bottoms of the door skins have gone, the bottom of the A-pillars have gone (the front doors, on a single hinge a piece still open and close with one finger!) And it's got a couple holes and blebs in all the places you would expect.
      Not much electrical works. It needs to be completely rewired because someone has "converted" it to 12V. Thankfully it was originally negative ground so that's a good start. Gauges and such can be driven from a 6V bucking converter.
      Engine has had some work done on it- starts and runs nicely with very little greb coming out of the exhaust. It's got a few gaskets that need replacing and the tappets need some major adjustment, the gearbox engages gears correctly, the steering is okay but has a lot of slack in the center and the brakes work well, dont sink or feel spongy but need adjustment.
      More to come. I'll post up more pictures when I get it home.
    • By Broadsword
      I think the Broadsword fleet has become sufficiently complicated to merit a combined thread so that gradually all new additions will appear in one place.
      As of Sunday 17th March the situation is interesting.
      Two Citoren Xantias (remember the white Xantia of Excellence is for sale people!)
      A turquoise XJR6 pending overdue-collection (need that gone now!)
      An XJS 3.6 manual project which will get in high gear soonish. Wont be a keeper but will be fun getting it back to something presentable. Drivers fantastic!
      A Range Rover P38, which is turning out to be really rather good.
      And to mix things up even more I'm off on a collection caper today. Had first refusal on it and was expecting it to come around in a year, but things soon changed and no way was I going to pass up on it. It may well render the second Xantia redundant as I've got a really good feeling about this motor.
      In the meantime here are some snaps of the Range Rover. As usual it was a car I said I would probably never buy due to their reliability*. I have said the same of Jag XJR, XJS, XK8 and I have had all of those now. Basically the moment I declare buying a particular car is impractical or improbable, I end up buying one.
      Things to note on the P38. It's a nice colour with tidy body. The EAS has been removed. It runs and drives lovely and it doesn't have enough electrical problems to hinder progress. The main one is the driver's side window not working, but that should be fixable. I've tried changing the outstation, that didn't fix it. Might be wiring under the seat. Other than that I bought it and took it for an MOT the very next day, and it passed. Since then it had what seemed like a battery drain, but since unplugging the RF thingy for the remote locking and putting on a proper lead-acid battery, which the car can actually charge, unlike the modern lead-calcium batteries, it has been perfect. I will treat it to a full service soon.
      Stay tuned for the latest collection later today!

    • By Shirley Knott
      Greetings all.
      After lurking here for a short while, frankly liking what I see and enjoying the various shite, the site has well and truly struck a chord with me. I'm a serial buyer of ropey sub £1k vehicles, don't have to but genuinely enjoy it.
      I feel like I might (Just might) have found my 'spiritual' home here
      I've been posting across the web on owner specific forums (Usually using either my JoeyEunos or RandomPrecion handles) for a while now, but from here-on-in I will pull my threads together and merge them here into one ghastly topic.
      My current steeds...
      Lupo 1.7 SDI
      SAM_5560 by
      and the work/story so far...http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/102863-joeyeunoss-sdi-beater/
      Golf Mk4 SDI
      SAM_5531 by
      and the thread.... http://uk-mkivs.net/topic/597074-project-slow/
      Early (1989) Mk1 Eunos (This one was recently sold)
      SAM_4656 by
      the thread...http://www.mx5nutz.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213274
      Other shite I've owned and moved on in the last year include this ropey Passat...
      SAM_6011 by
      and this legendary £300 Fiesta Finesse...
      Festa by
      Cars I'd like to own/actively looking for in the forthcoming weeks/months/years...
      Rover 75 (Dizzler)
      Peugeot 405 (XUD)
      Mk1 Octavia (Estate/dizzler, pre pd or SDI)
      Honda CRV (Gen1)
      Volvo 240/850
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