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Snagglepuss Motors - Hot hot hot...

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As you may have seen the Megane ia off to pastures new.



Today man from ministry say yes




One of headlight bulbs was dodgy, swapped in a new one meaning jobjobbed


No advisories is also a result

Is that car small or far away?


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Drive missus moogs focus today for the first time in 3 months and now have a list of faults that could do with some help with.


1) ignition sticks when starting causing starter to run on. Is this likely to need barrel changing? It is quite stiff


2)after a motorway run, I stopped at light and put it into neutral and the car sounded as if it was grinding. Putting back into drive made it disappear. Any ideas?


3) radio will only work in 1 hour mode. Also one of the heated screen buttons will switch one then straight off. You can hear the relay click.



Any help gratefully received. My shite mojo is pretty low so a starting point will help me decide to fix it.



At the moment, matches seem a good start

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Started work on part 1 after manning up




Googling suggested the keys wear then eventually stick in the ignition. Ordered a cheap set off eBay hoping that having the immobiliser in the general location would enable the car to start.


New and old key



Dash apart


Barrel out



And.... Failure. Got it to start a couple of times but I need to sort out a better way.


Going to ask at Timpsons tomorrow of they can cut me a key with body of new barrel but immobiliser chip off old one.

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Glinting in the post MOT glow, having a metaphorical cigarette. Doesnt look bad for a 21 year old car






In other news I have found a place that you can take a photo of the focus key and they will send a new one that clips in the bottom of the horseshoe. For £12 it means I can keep the door locking ability so will try that.

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Space hopper got a little fettled today. All bits from bargainous Amazon.


Airbox off




Changed the distributor cap. Inside it was brown dust. Definitely seen better days





Rotor arm next.

New V old



But new one is slightly too small (on the right in this pic) 408362f48c8d226a52266919084a6740.jpg


Did the plugs



Looks like cam cover gasket needs replacing as oil at the base of each sparkplug. Same with HT leads




Need to order air filter, cam cover gasket, rotor arm. Will see how much water pump and cambelt will cost.

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Need some help with missus moogs focus.



It has developed a parasitic drain which is starting to flatten battery




Pulled fuses and found F36 did this




F36 is control modules and abs. Googling it suggests GEMS needs replacing. There is no clear answer as to whether this needs to be coded or not.


Anyone know definitely? Is it a case of buy one from eBay and plug the bad boy in?

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Apparently not. Ask scarycortina. I need to purchase one with some keys so I can use the remote locking, it controls all sorts of shit round the car I think so it might not be directly linked to that. Have you checked the boot light goes out when the doors shut?

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I've got a '99 focus 1.8 which is going over the bridge after the hols...if you want the module (or anything else) off it, let me know :-)

A few requests... does the wipers work ok on the settings and do they park satisfactorily? As opposed to halfway up the bastard screen? Does it have a genuine ford CD player? If so maybe interested in these bits?

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Err, good question re the wipers. Not sure if they did or not and I've ragged half the loom out now. I'll see if I can power it up and check for you....there's the proper CD stereo thing in it but the little tag on the detachable plate has broken off so it's wedged in with a business card...

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Today was spent getting bits off njgleeds scrap focus. I managed to pinch the central locking module, a front door speaker plus the billy bonus of two keys, ignition barrwl plus the immobiliser sensor.


Bucketeer did a little sex wee over the 3 pot sirion sitting in the yard. He does like a thrumming little engine


Back home I swapped out the cl module plus ignition barrel and sensor .


Barrel was a revelation as the key turned smoothly and was much nicer. Downside was the immobiliser didn't play ball so I swapped it back.


The central locking module fixed some of the dodgy cl problems and now it deadlocks


Checked the drain and it was still there. Bugger.




Fitted the new speaker (finding all the hidden screws we didn't find taking the old door off).


After dinnertime a ponder I went out and removed the radio. Success!



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    • By PhilA
      Well, here we go again. I bit the bullet and bought me this.


      It's still up at the lot right now, there will be a miniature Collection Thread embedded in this thread when I go fetch it. Hopefully if the weather's good, that'll be this weekend.
      So, what is it?
      As the title suggests, it's a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain.
      It's got a flat-head straight eight hiding in the engine bay, 4.4 litres of it. It's bolted to a 4-speed Hydra-Matic Drive gearbox. No torque converter on this one, just a fluid coupling. 116 horses at a screaming 3700 RPM, 240lb/ft at 2000. It idles at 375 RPM. Redline just shy of 4k.
      Did I mention it's quite big? Sixteen foot eight from end to end and it seats six people in comfort. Every door has a quarter-light, too. Comfort is provided by properly sized tyres and (quite surprisingly for the age of it) double independent wishbone front suspension. Steering is via worm/wheel steering box so is moderately direct and the brakes are hydraulic drums all round. Modern and scientific!
      It's an honest example; looks to have had a "restoration" about 15-20 years back and the rust is coming through the seams and filler. The bottoms of the door skins have gone, the bottom of the A-pillars have gone (the front doors, on a single hinge a piece still open and close with one finger!) And it's got a couple holes and blebs in all the places you would expect.
      Not much electrical works. It needs to be completely rewired because someone has "converted" it to 12V. Thankfully it was originally negative ground so that's a good start. Gauges and such can be driven from a 6V bucking converter.
      Engine has had some work done on it- starts and runs nicely with very little greb coming out of the exhaust. It's got a few gaskets that need replacing and the tappets need some major adjustment, the gearbox engages gears correctly, the steering is okay but has a lot of slack in the center and the brakes work well, dont sink or feel spongy but need adjustment.
      More to come. I'll post up more pictures when I get it home.
    • By rainagain
      With a growing family I found I needed a car with six seats, I really didn’t want to end up with a people carrier so I looked at estates with seats in the boot. I really wanted a diesel V70 after owning an S80 but I couldn’t find one I could afford. I looked at 307 SW/estates and found an estate being advertised seriously cheap that just needed ‘brake pads’.  I had the slightly stupid idea of fitting the rear seat mounts and seat belts from a 307 to this estate to save money as the estates are so much cheaper than the SWs.
      Before even seeing the car I sent a cheeky text offer of just slightly more than half the advertised price and the owner accepted, it had been her grandad’s car then she had been using to transport her dogs around but now didn’t need. The viewing was a bit mixed it had obviously been sitting for a while as all the discs were rusted up, the ‘brake pads’ it required turned out to be an ABS fault, both this and the stability control lights were on. It had some giffer parking marks on the bumpers and one of the rear doors. The inside stunk of fag smoke and dogs and there was dog hair all over the back half of the car. The clutch/DMF made a slight squeaky noise that went away when you pressed the clutch, whilst the spare wheel was lying in the boot as the carrier mounts had dropped off.
      However it was my OH that discovered the best bit, whilst sitting in the car she pressed a button next to the hand brake and the electric roof cover rolled back, this wasn’t an estate, it was the more expensive glass roofed SW complete with all seat mounts and belts in the boot and better than that it was the SE edition so second top of the range! I gave it a quick drive around their estate as it wasn’t taxed and insured and it seemed to go ok. Back at their home I haggled another £50 off due to the ABS fault and the car was mine.
      A days insurance purchased and I started to head to my dad's, the drive home resulted in more dash light bingo.

    • By Zelandeth
      Well I've been meaning to sign up here in forever, but kept forgetting. Thanks to someone over on another forum I frequent poking me about it recently the subject was forced back into my very brief attention span for long enough to get me to act on the instruction.

      I figure that my little varied fleet might bring you lot some amusement...

      So...we've got:

      1993 Lada Riva 1.5E Estate (now fuel injected, as I reckon the later cars should have been from the factory...).
      1989 Saab 900i Automatic.
      1987 Skoda 120LX 21st Anniversary Special Edition.
      1985 Sinclair C5.
      2009 Peugeot 107 Verve.

      Now getting the photos together has taken me far longer than I'd expected...so you're gonna get a couple of photos of each car for now, and I'll come back with some more information tomorrow when I've got a bit more time...

      Firstly...The Lada. Before anyone asks - in response to the single question I get asked about this car: No, it is not for sale. Took me 13 years and my father's inheritance to find the thing.

      Yes, it's got the usual rusty wings...Hoping that will be resolved in the next couple of months.


      Next, a proper old Saab. One of the very last 8 valve cars apparently, and all the better for it. I've driven two 16v autos and they were horrible - the auto box works sooooo much better with the torque curve of the 8 valve engine. Just wish it had an overdrive for motorway cruising...

      Next up a *real* Skoda...back when they put the engine where it belongs, right out the back. In the best possible colour of course...eye-searingly bright orange.

      Seat covers have been added since that photo was taken as it suffers from the usual rotting seat cloth problem that affects virtually all Estelles.

      Then we have possibly the world's scruffiest Sinclair C5...

      Realised when looking for this that I really need to get some more photos of the thing...I use it often enough after all! We have a dog who's half husky, so this is a really good way of getting him some exercise.

      Finally - again, I really need to take more photos of - we have the little Pug 107.

      Included for the sake of variety even if it's a bit mainstream! First (and probably to be the only) new car I've bought, and has been a cracking little motor and has asked for very little in return for putting up with nearly three years of Oxford-Milton Keynes commuter traffic, before finally escaping that fate when my housemate moved to a new job. Now it doesn't do many miles and is my default car for "when I've managed to break everything else."

      I'll fill in some more details tomorrow - I warn you though that I do tend to ramble...
    • By strangeangel
      I thought I'd start a thread for this as I'll probably end up asking all sorts of questions, given that this is my first 'proper' Citroën.
      So... the ground clearance lever won't go all the way to the highest setting (all others work), which is bad 'cos the book says I need it to do that in order to check the LHM level. It feels like something's seized, so I don't want to force it. Any ideas for a plan of attack would be much appreciated.
      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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