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Snagglepuss Motors - Gaffer tape to the rescue

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After trying to local scrappies I have to let the alloys go. Just not worth the grief!


If the steels didn't have brand new tyres on it would have been a no brainer.


It's getting collected tomorrow morning by Mr s Crapman. Will be gutted to see it go as it was more of a hoot to drive the red one.

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When I scrapped my Puma I thought of keeping the shit steels but good tyres and selling them, but like you, failed to find anything round with the holes in the right place to roll the car onto the trailer we borrowed to drag it to the scrappy, so let it go with the wheels and tyres.


Was no great loss, steels are much better! You could always snipe a cheap set of alloys between now and the steels needing new tyres and keep your original plan.

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When you next up at crail? Having Nailed a 20.4 in the 1.9d Polo, I reckon there is much to be had from a small car...

Not sure. 


Next deadline is Knockhill on 3rd July.  (Still have a spare place up for grabs) 


Also Shitefest is in the mix so the next month is out. Maybe August time? 

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So Swift passed first time (well needed a bulb but Halfords MOT centre changed it for free) 




Advisorys were for rear springs being rusty, rear wishbone bushes, front discs and nail in tyre (i cant find it anywhere). 


I am going to get the bumpers sorted and then sell it on. It really doesnt float my boat like the starlet or blue swift.  The lack of extra cylinder and rubbish gear ratios make motorways a strain.  Round town it can be very nippy and quite fun. 


The only dilemma is whether to hold on to it for Knockhill or not. 


The replacement is already lined up, so anyone in a rush to bag a low mileage swift form a queue..... thought not! 

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Glad to see the red one passed its MOT, mind you it was low miles and had a good history. Its definitely more of a town car though. A wire brushing of the rear suspension, clean and paint up was on the cards if I had kept it. did you find out why that rainmaster tyre blew out? Seems weird with them being virtually new and a decent brand. 

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No need to feel guilty Phil it was fun whilst it lasted! Definitely got my money's worth including towing a friend's Passat out of a ditch!


I think the tyre bead popped off. Been over the tyre and can't find anything wrong with it. When I get time will pop into part worn place and see if they can have a look for me.

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I now have one of these...




That has an electricity habit.


Sporty was kind enough to jump start it for me, once at his house and second time after filling with diesel.


Drives really well aside from squeaking pulley and suspension creak.


Now home so first job is to charge battery.



At the moment it makes a nice looking garden accoutrement.

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I doubt it...




Edit: I may have an answer. All the way home the rear bulb out light was flashing a bit randomly.


Googlefu produces



The issue being indicated is that the "bulb out" warning circuit is controlled by a intergrated circuit on the rev counter - when this IC chip blows it causes the bulb out warning light to stay on, even though all the circuits/bulbs that it covers are working and the offside rear tail light stays on all the time causing a battery drain.

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Lobbed the spare battery on and decided to do some Scooby doo investigating. No pictures as thought I wouldn't find anything


The brake light out flickers a bit on the dash. Open up rear right cluster and the bulb is just glowing orange.


Brake filament is broken and the normal light filament is the colour of Dale Winton even with keys out.


Swap the bulb for a good one and symptoms have disappeared. It might be that the bulb is shit rather anything else.


If not got a rev counter coming this week and a new battery.


Will try it tomorrow morning to see if the electricity has stayed put.

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Checked the drain




Looks like it was the bulb. Have cancelled the battery and trying to cancel rev counter, which means the fix would have been £1 :-)


Definitely needs an aux belt pulley /tensioner and also upper wishbone bushes.

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The issue being indicated is that the "bulb out" warning circuit is controlled by a intergrated circuit on the rev counter - when this IC chip blows it causes the bulb out warning light to stay on, even though all the circuits/bulbs that it covers are working and the offside rear tail light stays on all the time causing a battery drain.


Turns out these were built under licence by Renault.

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It gives with one hand and smacks you in the bollocks with the other.


Electricity is staying in and my spare battery is keeping the charge. Win


Took to local tame mechanic to ask about aux belt. He said to order bits and he will change them. The kit with tensioner is £190 ouch.

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Aux belt changed today by local trusted garage, only cost £60 for two hours work. So total cost is £240.


Old ones




Belt had a bit of fraying on it. Apparently cambelt looks fairly newish so not going to worry about that.


Interestingly after having both cars available, when I had to pop out for milk I picked up the swifts keys.

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Took advantage of the decent weather to do the swifts front brakes.


I hate low mileage older cars! Everything was rusted together.




The discs were rusted solid to the hubs and needed a massive battering with club hammer.




The pads were wedged in and needed a full on wire brushing to clean





One of the carrier bolts rounded so I ended up Luxoing it




Had to leave it half done. 43ffc81dc5d0f7613c96dcaf33028e85.jpg


Any idea where would stock carrier bolts?

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Take the old bolt to a local fasteners place, should be well under a quid.


There's one near me and I'm constantly down there getting odds and ends, much cheaper and easier than trying to order anything like that from a dealer.

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Not quite sure in size. Will try and Google it.


Just realised it drive past a Suzuki dealer in way to work so might see if they are reasonably priced.


That's a top tip Richard. I ended up using a BFH


Old discs and pads were very much done, so should make quite a difference.

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