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Snaggle Fleet - Spring has Sprung

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1 hour ago, Tickman said:

I can recommend Volvo estates for dog transport and some comfort too.


I think this may be the path as if it is Auto then Miss Puss can drive it as well. 

28 minutes ago, hairnet said:

Saabnuts has spare holden

Not sure doggies will leap into that beast! 

1 hour ago, NorthernMonkey said:

I didn’t say this lime green Vito, just lime green Vito.... 


Though even keepers have to move on to pastures new eventually.....this weeks plan is to get the P38 back on the road as it’s got comfortable seats 😉

Wasnt there a saab estate that you didnt want .... i can do a good swap for a rover 

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Such a wuss

It's still no shrinking violet. The big boomy part has been quietened and mean I don't have to get rid of the car or exhaust.


Edit - Collected Missus Puss from work and she gave it a metaphorical thumbs up.


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Bit of a puss update

Mx5 - Mx5 exhaust is back to being big and boomy after it shot it's load under power! Aside from that BAL is moving on to pastures new in a slightly convoluted swap deal

Smart - just been serviced by NM Motors (highly recommended) and it is much perkier than before plus stops after new front brakes. Missus Puss loves the little thing now although she wants a set of tyres fitting. I have ordered a set of cheap winter tyres from tyre leader and will get them fitted.

Rover - as seen elsewhere some utter bell end on eBay won it then was a knob. Took the wind out my of sails as I was looking forward to the car going. I taxed the car and have been driving around in it for a few days. It is a lovely car but sadly just doesn't fit any car niche for me. I am hoping to move it on through AS as there are distinctly less cockwombles on here

Golf - is just a car. I really like it as it is competent and does good Mpgs. With fleet rearrangement it will be up for sale next week.

So that will be 3 cars out with 2 to come in hopefully in the next few weeks. One of which is my current dream car - both from AS members.

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Coming to the roundabout car cut out and wouldn't restart. Only just put £30 of fuel in.

Luckily Northern Monkey and Missus Northern Monkey came and gave me a tow home.

Some initial diagnostics show there is fuel to the filter, there is a spark from coil (although a little weak) but car won't run on easy start.

Think it might be crank sensor so one ordered from eBay.

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Boo, that sucks donkey dick :( 

still, it manages to remain a handsome motor, even on the hard shoulder with the bonnet in the air

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It's annoying as it was all set for pastures new but I can't move it on when I am not sure it is running right.

I am tempted to get it running, change tyres, scrub it up well, nice photos and then stick it up for £1k on eBay classified.

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Somebody left a MX5 wing and console in the Field of Dreams for you after the FOTU.
That's good to know. I think the new owner may want them. Will let him/her know.

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How much is a Dacia Pcp?

Last two days have made me question my car bothering.

Today I decided to fettle BAL in preparation for it going to the new home at the weekend. Battery was flat so a jump start got it roared into life.

Took him out for a spin with the supergun exhaust. It is fun but gets old quite quickly.

Back from the brisk test drive, I left the car idling whilst I vaccumed the car out and got it ready. I noticed the car was getting hot but no fan action.

Bridging the contacts made it run so next up was the sensor.

AHH bugger

Unwound and it has rotted through

Took housing apart

Double bugger

The bolt had welded itself to the ally housing.

Luckily AVOs engine is still at Mr N Monkeys so a swift wander over got a new housing

Got back and had a go at getting the stub out, resorted to drilling which wasn't successful.


Many swears. I am going to have to take the whole housing off AVO which entails removing timing belt to get access then do the same for BAL. Fun times ahead.

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Why I prefer working on mx5s part 10. Some trash on TV missus Puss was watching so thought I would crack on with stripping BAL.

Within 15 minutes rad out and acces to front of engine.

Power steering belt off and water pump pulley bolts loosened.

Took the opportunity to flush the rad and it is all clear and runs through well

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This morning I popped over to northern monkey motors - finest garage in fence.

He was busy swearing at a car on the ramp followed by eurocarparts.

I needed to take off the thermostat housing from AVO engine.

There she lays

Camcover off

Considering the engine had done over 100k and been used as a track toy for the last few years, it looks minty inside.

Slowly stripping bits off to get timing covers off

Luckily the use of an air gun got the crank pulley off easily enough

Building up a pile of bits to take

All of this for these two bolts

And off

Cam cover lobbed back on and left to rest again.


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Game of two halves today. After a bit of rain this morning a load of packages arrived including a coil, fuel filter and crankshaft sensor for the Rover

Cool swapped over

Didn't make any difference. Fuel filter swap
Still no start

So just the crank sensor. After much head scratching I found it after jacking up the car it is right at the back of the engine and you have to reach throught the exhaust. Even then it was proper fiddly. To get the bolts off required all my ratchet extensions and to go in through the wheel well. 65d0e547762e707350b6c449055f8dbe.jpg00c0383d26981394ce956d0140ef86e8.jpg4b708bed6b1b2d61c7651a059cb445ad.jpg

Just this took ages with rust raining in my eyes. Then came the frustration of trying to fit the new one. The old one had a spacer that was stuck which once I worked that out made things easier. After many swears and lots of time I gave up. The new sensor feels a little bigger and looks different to the old one.

This was coupled with finding rust around the sunroof in the rover.


This car has taken my mojo for it .. currently finger is hovering over car take back.

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Giving up on the rover and leaving it in the naughty corner I turned my attention to the mx5.

It's needs a thermostat housing which I stripped off the old AVO engine.

Starting off

Camcover off

Stripper vicar

All that for this

Old versus new one

Definitely a bit crispy.

I also kept all the pulleys and the timing belt off AVO. It was a good job as the tensioner and idler sounded fucked. 0560fa490f92d8ac448946ea09232bd7.jpg0b5759cf114b8ec9d08b20e42266e621.jpg

Belt wise on BAL was a Mazda belt but had little cracks where as AVO has a dayco in good nick so swapped them over. b203f058c6a04108f19aa406cc61c767.jpg

Getting the timing tensioned write but a quick WhatsApp to Northern monkey saw belt locking tools employed

Putting back together I tried to use the good bits of each one - the lower timing cover on BAL has been chewed away so swapped that out. 08253c3d101610f838e6711d12fae44c.jpg

Reinstallation is reverse of what you did previously. 258d80005da690ca30da6e8626305c43.jpgba04dc294a7c51e217ba79b6e052249c.jpg

Still few more bits including fitting rad etc tomorrow and then I get the nervous first start. I cranked it over a few times by hand so nothing should be out but still nervous time


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Sun was out so time to finish of BAL ready for its new owner.


Lots of fiddly steps.


Thermostat in. The gasket was kaput so black gasket goo was used


Cross pipe back on and rad back in. I am a real convert to spring clamps when you have the proper tool. Makes it quick and easy to fit them, no worrying about whether it is water tight and less sharp clip edges like you get with jubilee clips




Rad filled with water for first start and then turned over. Always that heart stopping moment but everything seemed ok.


There were some odd noises, one I tracked down to the lower cover rubbing. The old one was worn and I think the new one will end up the same way. The lower mounting bolt is rusted and broken so I think it pushes the cover forward.


The other noise I tracked back to a sticky tappet. Some full bore testing runs sorted that out.


I reset the idle speed



Then after some motorway and fast b road followed by idling till fan cut in I drained the water and replaced it with dragon's blood




So BAL had the following from the old AVO engine


Timing belt

PAS belt

Alternator belt




Thermostat housing

Timing belt covers

Crank pulley

Water pump pulley

PAS pulley

Wing mirrors



Previously it has

HT leads

Drivers seat

Rear boot lid




1.8 brake upgrade on front with calipers and carriers

Door cards


New it has got

Coolant temp sensor

Coolant pipe

Fresh antifreeze


Previously it has

TR lane roll bar

Brake brace

New rainsport 3 tyres

Refurbished alloys

Poly bush drop links

421 header exhaust stainless

De cat stainless

Straight through exhaust - loud!

Ball joints at front

New hood

New discs front

New pads front

065 battery tray and battery



Jobs for the new owner (so they know what they need to do)

PAS cooling pipe is probably worth looking at as it is going a bit crispy at the front but probably can be ignored until it leaks

Dampers need changing as they bang a bit/a lot

Stereo if they want one

Door speakers

Oil change

New sparkplugs

Relay change for the headlights popping up or swapping in new stalks (have got these spare)


I love working on Mx5s they are so simple and quite a lot of room to fiddle with.


Sort of update.


BAL is off to its new home tonight I think in a sensible car swap.


The Rover we don't talk about. It's time with me is up but negotiations are ongoing about its future.


The Golf will be cleaned and prepped for sale then going on autotrader at £995 as soon as I get the new sensible car.


Smart is staying and will get new tyres fitted in the next week or so.


New car may be making an appearance in a few weeks. I iz excite.

















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Oh wow I didn't realize you were getting rid of the MX-5. I kind of assumed it was a keeper in one way or another due to the amount of work put in.
It was to be a keeper. Aside from a tiny bit of welding it is a really straight car.

As is the way with this place there are others that turn your head. It is going to a good home and. A bona fide shiter is having it so wanted it all fixed before they take it.

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Waved bye bye to BAL

You can see the new* car in the background

BAL has gone to a good home with a very smiley shiter at the wheel de5355240e5c1c34688ce04078238002.jpg

In its stead is the epitome of Dog car ...a853a5800850403b02faeffe4cfec76d.jpg

It's got a few issues but that makes it more lovely.

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Just the 2.5 20v but will be ideal as daily/dog wagon. Currently got abs/trac control light on that needs sorting, could do with set of tyres, rear door trim is missing aside from that it is ace.

My intent was to keep the shabby outside of BAL including the brilliantly rust covered windscreen wiper blades and make the car handle/go supremely.

I think the new owner will probably get a bit two bucket wrongun although really it needs a respray to get it anywhere decent.

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      I'm a masochist from Leeds who is running two rusty, worn out Triumph Dolomites as my only transport in rural Aberdeenshire. You might recognise me from various other forums and Facebook groups. Realistically I need to buy a modern car of some sort, but instead I find myself looking at £300 Citroen BXs and Triumph Acclaims on Gumtree and thinking "yeah, that'd fit right in with the rest of the broken cars I can't afford".
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      So that's a brief summary of my current shite. If you want more pictures or details of anything do say as I've got photos of almost everything I'd done with the cars.
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      What does £191 on eBay get you?
      An E36 BMW 316i with two sets of wheels, a DAB radio, an MOT until December, 110k miles on the clocks, a slightly* fucked back box and a bit of grot on the driver's side sill.






      This is co-owned between me and 17-Coffees and our plan is to do a light restoration and just generally piss about with it. It's actually really nice to drive, and is surprisingly brisk for only being a 1.6.
      Yes, the alloys are getting sacked off ASAP as it came with the original steel wheels with all-but-new Toyo Proxes on them!
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      I've had various threads on the go for different collections this year, but thought I'd condense my threads into one manageable thread to document my ham-fisted tinkering.

      At the turn of the year I was driving a nice, dependable, modern 2011 Peugeot 407 and no other vehicle. It was nice enough, but boring as feck. I'd bought it after a series of disastrous heaps in the awkward age bracket of being new and valuable enough to worry about but old enough to be fucked. The 407 was just too new, too bloated and dull. I had a hankering for old metal, my Mineral Oil withdrawal pangs were strong.

      From January I started looking, there were eBay bids, missed reserves, wasted trips from Gumtree and other such nonsense. I happened on an automatic Rover 216 GSI with one giffer owner from a year old. The chap was giving up driving at 93 years old and his grandson was moving it on. I bid, and failed. It was in London though, about 420 miles away so I wasn't all that bothered. Of course when he offered it to me for my losing bid after the winning buyer was a no show I said yes. I was on the Megabus down to that London overnight for about £15. I hung about in Liverpool Street station like a mad shivering jakey until my train out to the suburb for my first sight of the new steed. It was battered outside but had been well looked after. A frankly insulting amount of cash changed hands and I was away up the road.

      We had many adventures together, it was dependable and it whet my appetite for interesting old motors again and proved that the very bottom end of the market was navigable if I had the patience to wade through the sea of shit to find the odd pearl.

      The 407 was still on the fleet at this point but I was covering a lot of miles in the Rover, with a long commute though the fuel economy wasn't ideal. When a friend's mother was looking for a new diesel saloon to replace the faithful old Xsara she had a scheme was concocted. I sold the 407 to her and was on the hunt for an interesting replacement.

      When I was growing up my dad had a succession of hopeless shitters, indeed I was brought home from the hospital as a newborn in a brush painted Skoda Super Estelle. The best car he had was a red XUD Peugeot 405 with air conditioning and electric windows. So when I found a 1994 GTXD advertised by someone who could actually compose a car advert in the fashion you would expect of a human being educated to a Primary School level, I pounced.

      Of course I couldn't buy a car just down the road so it was on the train to Birmingham. First class no less. I stayed in an absolute flea pit of a hotel and drove up the road the next day. This was a proper bit of nostalgia and a really practical borderline classic car. It had been fastidiously maintained by the previous owner. Apart from there being a hole where there was once a stereo and the lack of working air con it was a pleasant drive home.

      Given their relative scarcity and how dependable this one has proven so far, it's a keeper, I'd struggle to part with it.

      Two cars just wasn't enough to worry about, so this Citroen C1 was acquired. Pure Aleppo spec. A camel can go for weeks, or months without stopping at a watering hole, the C1 has a similar thirst for Motor Spirit. Man maths were employed and worked out that it would easily* pay for itself.

      There have been further movements, I'll recap them shortly. I should probably do some work.
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