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Moogs Motahs - sinking the seat

The Moog

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So up to here



Bits all put back on



I let Neil fit the dizzy drive



After which he made his hilarious joke by showing me the old one...



More bits on















You beauty!



A water leak from the thermostat housing was sorted as gasket was slightly off



Then the timing belt was retensioned about 10 times. It is designed so you tension it anti clockwise and then tighten the securing bolt clockwise - thus backing off some of the tension. Stupid flipping idea. Neil did many swears.


Let it run for a bit after that



Celebration turned a bit sour when the rad started pissing out water. fa8c602709bbd269d89ca94d505e1e00.jpg



Quick Google check shows rad are about £170 which is a touch tough at the moment.


Plan B is being hatched (after Neil doing many more swears everytime someone mentioned radweld)


Rover looking complete




Whilst we had in the air we poked at the blowing exhaust



It has got a couple of holes - which should weld. Which is lucky as this will need sparkly stick



I think it is time we learnt to weld.


Almost the last bit of fun was the pressure plate was rusted on clutch. Wazzed it on the lift stuck it in fourth and revved it up with a clunk it detached itself.


Finally the rover got a wash before being driven back to chez puss by Neil


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So what is next .


Fix water leak

Repair the sills at the rear

Fix exhaust leak

MOT car.


Then it will be up for sale as it isn't a car I want but had to save it (at Neil's insistence.)


If anyone wants a Rover 820 so project then drop me a PM before the work is done.


Only done 40 ishk with giffer history, new cylinder head, headgasket, cambelt etc


All electrics work including sun roof.

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Great stuff. There's a corolla TSport rad here you can have if it'll fit?

Let me have a crack at plan B first. It may involve JB aqua weld.


I sadly have a spreadsheet for this free car.


Current running total (including all wrong bits (stop sniggering at the back) is a shade over £600.


Bugger. This is why I don't keep track... Then it is all free*.


I may have also just put a stupid cheeky (£15 delivered) offer on an exhaust downpipe - the one bit of exhaust it doesn't leak from.




Mx5 softtop fitting confirmed for next Friday. Looking forward to it.

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Picked my box of goodies up today




Shiny new headlights for the little pug.


Old ones off




You can see the broken lug on the old one



Extra help always welcome



Looks a bit naked - tools at the ready to fit the relay Kit a bit better




One of the issues was that main beam wasn't working. I think it was because it had only two 4 pin relays. New relay acquired


All fitted



Still got issues with the lights - I need to check the relay kit as I am not 100% I have fitted it correctly.


Then onto the horns - Mondeo dual horns



At this point I was dodging showers and freezing wind.


Horns were an issue. Couldn't get them to work - had 12v at leads and also checked the horns straight from the battery. I think I am going to need a relay to run it.


Last thing to check before handing the keys over to Bucketeer was a sticky throttle . The throttle arm is incredibly sticky so took off the arm



Bit rusty




Cleaned and lubed and 100x better.


Quick check of headlights and tyre pressure before the off.



Also ran some dishwasher tablets in the rover to clean the cooling system out a bit.



The leak seems to come and go - hopefully it might bugger off one day

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Today was garage fettling day but in between I managed to fiddle a bit more on the Rover


I never quite realised I had so much stuff




Chucked a load of it on eBay to see if I can get some more car money .


Anyway rover flush was go.



Couple of dishwasher tabs and then let it idle for a bit. Pull bottom hose off and eurgh



Then did some more plain water flushes



After about three the water looks pretty clean. The leak has stopped although as my learned colleague said, it will be a bit of gunk stopping it which will come free at any time.


I found the Rover v5 and I am the third owner. First was Rover for a year, then my friend's dad until last year and me.


My cheeky exhaust bids were turned down so will look at patching the exhaust.


The little pug has found a temp home with Bucketeer who I think has fallen for its charms. If he wasn't collecting his AX in a month or so, I would have thought it might be a while till I saw the pug again!

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Really struggling to update stuff.  Got a brake overhaul and soemthing else to post.

The boring golf has been throwing up a MIL which when scanned said diesel temp sensor

New one is duly ordered






AHH might have found the issue.



Secondhand sensor with wiring ordered to try and fix it

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1 hour ago, gm said:

is he taking a blowtorch to it in one of those pics ?


Yep. Don't know why - whether it was to loosen up the joints or get the old glue off.

Some more pics of it being finished



Comes with 2 year warranty - need to keep it up for a week to stretch it. 


On way a mysterious squeaking developed.  I think the gearbox is maybe a bit kanckered. A fair bit of pinion whine and now this squeak.


Also there are some electrical gremlins - the pop up headlights won't unless the manual override is pushed, the alarm light is always dim and on which it shouldn't be. 


One issue this morning was an odd sensation like something up with the back end - quick trip to my friendly northern monkey and we found a missing propshaft bolt. Luckily a cheap easy fix IMG_20190503_091644514.thumb.jpg.3f29c9734560bbec09da863b3f08dee9.jpg




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Today has been most enjoyable - I love tinkering with cars.

Still having issues with forum so will do words then upload all the pics.

Golfs turn today.  Firstly the secondhand sensor turned up for the diesel temp sensor.  The old one had sheared off so ordered a whole sensor off eBay. There are two wires to the sensor and I wanted to connect it for now to check I have got them right way round so waygos applied for now.

MIL is out so will see how I get on and solder/heat shrink them later if they are the right ones.



Next up was the door locks.  The rear passenger door didn't lock and the drivers side would lock on the remote but not unlock.
Door locks are cheap at £18 each which were delivered during the week.
Interestingly you take the door skin off rather than the interior.
The first door took over an hour with fiddling.

One of the door bolts holding on the lock rounded so I ended up getting tools on it.

Sadly I had just bought a new aldi angle grinder (it was cheaper than a 5amh battery for my Ryobi one) so that got thrust into action. Finally got it out and need to get a new one.


Put all the door back together then found some missing bits so had to take it apart again, then I couldn't get the weather proof cover on so had to take the window bolts off.


Driver's side one took 15 minutes - even with one of the bolts rounding (used chiesel and hammer this time) anyone want a hand doing a Mk5 door lock I am your man. They are a piece of piss!


Then took the rover for a quick spin to bleed the system - it is a lovely car. Argghh too many cars and not enough time. 



















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10 minutes ago, Skizzer said:

You take the door skin off?? Wow.  That’s almost Citroen levels of weirdness.

It's odd but in lots of ways it works well.  You aren't trying to get things through small sharp openings.

Now I have got the knack it is a pretty quick thing to do.

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It looks like the cover of a Haynes manual!

If it works it can't be too bad, and it looks better that feeding your hand through an apature in the door from the door card side, and contorting to reach something that's obscured by a reinforcment beam or window regulator.

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