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My Daimler, it's back on the road.Now in daily use..

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Yesterday i was offered a garage,to park the Daimler in,in the next street to were i live for £££free of charge.

So the days of it living in a damp concrete garage 11 miles away are hopefully over.

Hope it don't belong to a relative of the old witch, payback time ?

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It's that time of year again.

A pm to SoC,saw him at my door(well nextdoor) at 9.45 this morning.A drive over to Sunderland as the Daimler is/was still over there.

We pulled the covers off,1 flat tyre,checked all the levels,topped the antifreeze up,She started almost straight away.I haven't been in the garage since October i think.

I pulled her to the bottom of the drive and blew the tyres up.£20 in the tank and off we went,over to Andy's garage.


No1 son on the camera.








Mot and a check over this week.


One pic from my drive cos i can.



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Its that time of year again.


Upside  down or on the side photos.


Its the Daimler MOT time again.

This time urm FTP,or FTStart it wont start. Andy Mr SoC called.Fresh petrol in the tank,new condenser fitted,umbilical cord hooked up the my Nissan X-trail.No notin.notin at all.So the cavalry were called.

My self and both sons pushed her out of the garage
















On its way to SoC for some tlc.


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Back again,the Daimler went to Andy SoC as a none runner and came back to me as a none runner! oh why?

Andy discovered that the distributor was knacked, on further investigation he found that it had been cobbled together to get it running.


Now strangely no one seemed to have a new or spare dizzy lying around.

So as it is a bloody heavy none runner taking up space it was delivered back, and the quest for a replacement dizzy was on.

Some investigation found that it is the same distributor as fitted to some Rolls Royce's.

Then a spark,Andy ordered  a electronic ignition unit for it.A message it has turned up I'm coming to fit it to the car.


So yesterday morning Andy and Conner turned up armed with a distributor fitted with a electronic ignition,"where did you get the dizzy I ask"? Its yours reply's Andy.I sent the car back with out it.I didn't know,hadn't looked.


So some choice language,banged knuckles and green fog when Conner guffed and trapped Andy between engine,bonnet and garage wall with no escape from the smell.


It started,running a little ruff and needs some fine tuning but it works again.


Lets see what today brings

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The postman delivered twice this we


Oh whats in the jiffy i here no one say.


8 new plugs and 2 plug lead extensions.

Over to the garage myself and no1 son


All tucked up under it's cover.





With the new plugs fitted and new lead extensions fitted ,she fired straight up. unfortunately i ran out of time so hopefully weather permitting next weekend she will be out.

The little things.. 

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Now that is a car I would love to see in my Garage - if I had a garage!!

seem to recall they had a lovely understated woofle to them

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I read that Lyons had no interest and it was Jack Sangster (previously at Ariel, Triumph and BSA) who made the recommendation that it should be put into a Jaguar Mark 2 body shell.  It was successful - Daimler 250 outsold Jaguar 2.4

It was BLMC chairman Donald Stokes that decided the production costs were too high and ordered its discontinuation

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On 1/12/2020 at 8:47 PM, The Mighty Quinn said:

Never understood why Jaguar didn't use that engine more.  The XK is a nice old thing but the 4.5 version would have really hauled ass in the underpowered Mark 10.

I think I remember reading that they trialled a 4.5 in a mkX around the time of its development/launch and it lapped around the high speed bit of Mira at a rate of knots until the tyres gave in. 

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The sun was shining this morning, she started first time and settled into a comfortable tick over . As it's on laid up cover i just ran it around our street,i'll get the cover updated for next weekend hopefully the weather is good..



Me in the orange and hat no1 son in the seat he wants.

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