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Domes Locost-Holy Shed Resurrection Batman!

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Greetings all.

Since the w210 has departed I've had a fairly sizeable space on my drive. Never fear though, you're industrious Fife correspondent hasnt let things slide.

Collection will be done this evening, all being well. Updates will follow...

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So, a few options were thought of for my next car. A Lotus Excel had been on my radar but the best (cheapest...) one I found went before I could get to it and the others around didn't do it for me. An MR2 was considered, a P6 also tickled my fancy but a trip to Kirkcaldy yesterday "for a look, I doubt I'll buy it" resulted in a bit of research and a slightly cheeky offer.


Onto tonight and the game was set...


Finished work, went home and collected the battle hardened Mrs Dome and of fofr the 20 odd mile drive to Kirkcaldy. On arrival the temperature was slightly low.




Now normally this would not be of concern. Monies were exchanged, paperwork signed and I got to drive my new steed for the first time. To the petrol station!




And there she is! £9 later and the tank was full. I could get used to this. A working fuel gauge would help though... More to follow. Note the protruding breaker bar, it has a story...

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A convertible, or something with a bypassed/fucked heater matrix maybe?


Yes, and absolutely no heater whatsoever.


I know what it is.







So you'll not be wanting a go next time you're up then?


That looks fun/cold/scary


Yes, yes and yes.

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It's running a Vauxhall red top, type 9 box and live rear end. The boy selling it got it in August and didn't seem to know much about it. A bit of Google/Facebook stalking brought up the guy who had it before him who had it for at least 3 or 4 years.


He was also a Fifer and when Driftland opened up he took it there for some arse out action-the breaker bar in the pictures operates the hydraulic handbrake  :shock:  Needless to say that breaker bar now occupies a shelf in the garage...


The boy got a bit more serious about drifitng and started using saloons which are a bit more driftable. This languished in his garage and was then sold in August.


Here's his pics...























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So you'll not be wanting a go next time you're up then?


I don't fit in the bloody things.


I bought one unseen years ago, fitted with a dolly sprint engine. All well and good until I went to drive the thing and found my corpulent frame was too large.


Sold at a great loss.


Apparently, they're a bit of a laugh though.

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Now that's what I call a midlife crisis car !


I've been looking at kitcars for a while (yes, I have reached that age !), but unfortunately the usual sub-£1K AS budget doesn't even get you an unfinished Dutton, let alone something driveable.

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They seem to fall into to two camps - built well or built badly - never seems to be a middle ground


Be interested on how you find those seats - contemplating a set for my track car......


Well in my limited experience it seems OK but has some issues. I'll register on Locostbuilders and post up the pics.


I'm pretty sure that kit car belonged to the guy who powder coats in Duns,


I'd be interested* to hear more about its past...

I have been on the secret lookout for a 7/caterham replica. What's it like mister?


Having only driven it 20 miles in sub zero temperatures in the dark I don't feel qualified to comment yet. But, so far 




Sligthly scary

Awesome :-D

I don't fit in the bloody things.


I bought one unseen years ago, fitted with a dolly sprint engine. All well and good until I went to drive the thing and found my corpulent frame was too large.


Sold at a great loss.


Apparently, they're a bit of a laugh though.


I'll bring a shoehorn next time you're up...

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    • By Floatylight
      Will be on the road shortly, right after fud has been consumed..
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    • By TripleRich
      Hi all, new to the forum.  Thought you might be interested in what I've got myself into
      I'd been after my first classic car for a while.  If it's big and made in the 70s I'm interested.  Looked at few things like P6s, Zodiacs, Victors, SD1s and various other things.  Problem was I didn't want to spend a boatload of money on something that looked alright but underneath was actually a total heap.  The solution was to buy a complete heap in the first place and spend the money fixing it.
      So in January I went ahead and bought this from a colleague at work who was moving away and needed to get shot of it.

      It's a part finished restoration (I prefer not started) and it needs a whole load of help if it's going to stand any chance of using a road again.
      It's right up my street.  Granada Coupes are quite odd and certainly stand out from the norm.
      It still has the original engine, box, interior and most trim.
      It came with loads of panels I need to repair it (mostly original Ford stock).
      It came with so many spares I could probably build a few Granadas and still have stuff left over.
      It was cheap.
      Most of the front end has been cut off.
      Most of the body structure is quite rotten.
      It's going to take me ages.
      I work at a restoration company and my boss kindly allows me to keep the car there.  So I've got access to all the gear I need to restore it.  I've been busy on the car for a while now so will post more pics over the coming days.
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      Thought I'd start a thread about my old Capri since it's now reached it's turn in the que to receive a bit of attention.
      I've actually had this since 2001, it's an early mk2, on an M reg 1974. Being an early car it's still got mk1 rear axle and single acting type rear brake set up aswell as a few other minor differences from later cars just to use up remaining mk1 parts.
      It started life here in the Portsmouth area and doesn't seem to have ventured far since.
      Originally a stardust silver 1.6 L poverty model, which means virtually sod all regarding luxuries. Basic 2 pod dash with black 'crackle' finish facia, no radio, no sun roof or vinyl roof, not even a centre console!
      When I got to it unfortunately it had suffered severely from serious rust and latterly a vandal attack, having it's door and rear quarter panel booted in.
      Over the next couple of years I got it sorted and a cheap re paint into roman bronze, which was a favourite colour of mine at the time. For the first year or two it seemed fine but since then things have deteriorated.
      The respray wasn't good! It's thin in places and started to micro blister in various places, worst of which is all over the bonnet. The same bodyshop also did a bit of the bodywork I hadn't finished which was also pretty poor in some places.
      It's always been a great driver and never struggles at mot time so I just kept on using it and doing nothing more than collecting parts now and again with a view to sort it one day.
      It's also gained a few non original extras over the years like a higher spec wood effect 2 pod dash facia (which I like more than the original), a short console, brown interior instead of the utterly fucked black original, 'laser' 4 spoke alloys and a few other things.
      Anyway, fast forward to last weekend, when I dusted it off after winter and noticed various areas of new rust coming through or older rust that's gotten worse. So the decision was made to go for a professional resto job now before I end up finding something else to distract me (like big american cars with knackered engines!).
      1974 Ford Capri BBK244M by Dan Clark, on Flickr
      Here it is as it currently stands. Looks ok from a distance but the reality is very rough around the edges and the paint is so bad in places it's becoming embarrassing!
      IMG_0509 by Dan Clark, on Flickr
      And the interior which I'll be re trimming into black leather at some point after the body works done.
      It's been taken to the same place that did my Mercury's engine rebuild, since they did such a good job and they seem a good professional bunch.
      I dropped it off Monday afternoon for a thorough check over to build up a list of work and get a rough quote.
      Today I heard back from them.
      Good news so far, I suppose. It is as solid where it counts as I thought it was. Chassis is fine, original strut tops fine, most of the back end is solid and just needs a few repairs here and there.
      The worst is the bottom of the windscreen surround due to the wrong seal being used and then fitted badly causing leaks. Inner sill to A post bottom corner very scabby, front wings pretty crap, and various paint defects etc.
      The engine is fine, compression all in tolerances. Suspension needs work, and some brake pipes are getting quite rusty. So far so good and no surprises!
      There's still more checking to do over the next few days but it sounds alright so far.
      This work should be made a bit easier by having a lot of panels and parts to fix things already. The big find being a new unused pair of front wings. Very hard to find mk2 items now, though I did have to pay for them!
      The plan here is to make the car solid, reliable and good looking. I'm not making a show car or going too mad as that stuffs not my thing and if it was I'd start with a better more original car.
      Some of the later add ons will be ditched like the mk3 boot spoiler that I hate! And return it to more standard looking mk2 as it should be. No go faster mods or anything like that.
      The main priority is to get the body sorted and painted properly (engine out job and everything) then maybe a bit of mechanical work as needed.
      The original idea was to re paint back into original stardust silver, but having thought about it I'm leaning more towards another favourite Ford colour of the era, Miami blue metallic, which is a lovely colour! Any opinions?
      This will be another expensive project but not one I think I could do at home on the drive and do justice to, so I'd prefer to farm it out and get it right this time. It also means I can carry on working on my Transit and Granada at home without another distraction!
      For anyone whose interested I'll try to update this now and then as things progress. I'll also try to get the old pics of the car from when I got it so you can see how rusty it was! Bear in mind though that I paid £100 for this car in 2001 with MOT and tax! Try doing that now.
      I'm sure this is going to be worth the expense, not that I'm even considering selling it of course but I've had it so long I kind of feel obligated to do right by the car in a weird way!
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