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Scruffy Saab---What to do--HGF again!


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Is parts availability that bad? Theoretically all the parts for my Maestro are NLA but I've scored almost all of the parts I need (except for a tailgate). I'd argue the Saab is more 'loved' in classic circles. 

Have a look on the nerd forums (not this one) for a head or maybe complete engine. Is it steel block and head? Surely it would survive another skim? 

From memory they're pretty easy to work on, you might look for a sympathetic mechanic who's into shite.

All this is on the basis that the body is sound enough that it's not going to fail next mot on rust. 

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10 hours ago, egg said:

So I'm hearing it can be fixed, it's just not sensible to do it again.....

Would they undertake the work? Or do you think they didn't actually fancy doing it...

Yes it can be fixed,but at what cost?  They have given me several options,dismantle and see what state the head is in,bearing in mind that it has been skimmed once already,find good replacement head if needed or find a good replacement engine. All options are obviously plus labour costs! 

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