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'93 Mondy thread - MOT pass

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2 minutes ago, Eyersey1234 said:

I'm jealous I want one now, how much did it sell for? 

£20 + P&P

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I did the essential prep, i.e. gave it a two bucket job and then remembered I needed to wax the tailgate where the paint is thinning


I sent it to my normal tester, with some OEM bits;


So an oil change and a good result:


Pair of ditchfinders on the front already wearing, maybe because I think the alignment is set toe-in to avoid the pulling to the left issue. I think. Was going to get new rear tyres anyway, so looks like it will be all four at some point.

Should take it through to its 28th birthday in March now. That's its 5th MOT on my watch.

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